23 June 2019

The Day After, I will call it. I can only begin when the first flight over youngsters!!!!!! I hope as I write this there are a lot of youngsters returned home. In the last night appeared at the turn of the clocks in our society saw at least not very bright. Of the 183 youngsters were 82 home so that is minus 101!!!!!!!. The courage you still sinks into the shoes and even further below. As I wrote last time , it's every young bird race again squeezing bill. They come home, how come home and how they come home. Throughout the country there were many losses, according to reports from the grapevine. Where it should be about how much the youngsters are flights, is only discussed, how many you have at home. In recent years there has been a lot written and researched how well it is possible that there are so many losses among the youngsters. He will be all sorts (proposed solutions) pills, powders, drinks , droplets. Whether or not darken or enlighten. Whole schemes drilling of small to large distances. And do not forget coli or variations thereon which is also a big bummer. These are teething problems among youngsters. I wonder sometimes if that is not the big problem ??. Coli is an almost elusive. One day they fly more mercury and fit around and nothing wrong with the pigeons and the other day they coli. It's just a handful fanciers to play every week to assist the vet, to have their pigeons. Partly to costs, partly to the time luk that the average fan does not. What content so that (top lovers) usually the pigeons on fast track to play the whole association fucked. The youngsters is devalued and only attractive to the above average enthusiast. How much fun do you get a result where half of the association can not join because they coli. I think playing their own gain and interest than a larger role. How nice would it be that as a club have a league where everyone would participate. That there would be solidarity in the club and the top fanciers would share their knowledge and skills with other players. This demonstrates yet be very difficult for top players. A charm offensive to members how terrible it is and congratulations again and hide what it really is. Maybe it's an option for the upcoming season flights to playing half of the pigeons on the youngsters and make the other half on the late tour and both a fun competition. The principal of this competition is that both the youngsters and the late races remains a great league and I hope we have fewer losses. So next year is enough material to fill the loft. Would it be an option to have a veterinarian at the club for flights arrive where each member could make use of. To leave the pigeons look so come to light at an earlier stage any imperfections. Similarly and more importantly by the youngsters is the case before the races begin africhtingen and pigeons check late in a club. and also carry out during the flight once an investigation. I think it costs less balance than self medicate when it's too late. I also think that if we could move the youngsters to Augustusburg, any teething better it can cope because they have more time to recover the pigeons. We do our pigeons not cure a murder corridor and to prepare for the next flight, otherwise the distance would be too great. More rest is less stress !!!!!!! Having said this, I want to talk a little about the latter-day . I had 4 hens, and on the flight day there was nothing at home. So quite a disappointment. Today I have 3 hens back so that's another windfall. The next week the weather forecast is such that there is probably no youngsters flight will be gone. So for the latecomers some more time to recover. I wish everyone good luck with the upcoming flights. And I will say again the next time.

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