23 June 2017

It was again a hectic few weeks in all areas. It is our company now main season so when the sun begins to shine is drawn to us on all sides to get painted up things as quickly as possible. One would like it ready for the holidays, others would like to come ready for the garden in bloom. Weer een ander gaat de woning verkopen en deze moet klaar voor de foto’s die voor de verkoop gemaakt gaan worden , there between people who are moving and their like have refreshed before they go into their new home. So all in all a very busy period. In deze tijd gaat mijn hobby de duivelarij natuurlijk ook gewoon door . And there is also experience in some things . We're still in the middle. in the middle distance and one-day flights that are now the youngsters in the buggy for yourself should they go the first time with the truck for their first release. Also, this should all run smoothly. Last week had a peregrine visiting youngsters , resulting in loss of a dove and certainly so embarrassed that I was not inside the other youngsters. I also tried the peregrine had been issued fished ticket and you have to then dealing with it. The youngsters have 2 nights bivouacked outside and when I can steer them inwards together with the widowers. Road schedule training flights away what you had built up in training and the like. . I've got them 4 held within days and after 4 days each released with the widowers to rebuild trust. Fortunately, the weather is a lot better and we can continue where we left off. This weekend 2 flee, Bourges and the one-day middle distance race Laon. Last week I had to Nanteuile La Houdin a nice pigeon in the 1st and 5th association in the circle. So this week's hoping back on a beautiful flight. As my father ever said. “Enjoy the success that you've had, and keep enjoying the desire for the next success.”. Until next time, but again I will say.

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