23 december 2016

We're a day before Christmas Eve, the Christmas spirit after the events of this week farther away than ever. Peace on earth, Many people have grown up with this idea, but have long been only pretty words. I remember my father told me he was called up as a soldier to go to Indonesia to defend Dutch colony. Together with 6000 man 6 weeks on a ship to a distant foreign country with a different culture and where a handful of Dutch a few centuries held sway. a country that 20 times as large as the Netherlands, 250 million people live so that 12 times as much as in the Netherlands. My father is there 3 year long been stationed, had to fight for it (God and country) but where it eventually went, was that all those thousands of troops only were there, in order to ensure that the (old) Colonials with the well-known VOC mentality were given free rein to all their valuables and trays to secure money and to make them safe and sound to the Netherlands or another safe country traveled. It has a lot to both boys Dutch, Indonesians and Moluccans killed. And those who survived and returned to the Netherlands. Those were all damaged, one was pretty good handle it for others it is the rest of his life remained a heavy burden. For the people of Indonesia and the Moluccas which were on the Dutch side, it was a raw deal. Their homes and family behind must leave their homeland. She came to the Netherlands with beautiful promises, but were once arrived here that promises little more about. They were put together in wooden barracks or worse, in a 2nd world war former German transit camp (Westerbork). My father said that later on there that he felt quite guilty shore and that he thought “Peace on earth” was totally lost and that it was only based on hope. I write in my pieces often about hope, and I say if you long enough it goes it hopes a time will be fine. But the recent attacks, wars and events in the past few years, I can not say other than, I should give my dad unfortunate enough alike. Peace on Earth is farther away than ever and yet we are going to celebrate Christmas with the “Hope for a Peaceful Earth” I think then. When I think back to our sport, than birds to be seen as a peace symbol. I have at the moment yet 50 peace symbols on the loft, and it is indeed for me so that when I blithely in their box in the loft bowl and peace symbols see sit or I see them on the good ground running here and there a grain of corn pecking or just flit from outside to inside. I forget really everything and I come with a peaceful feeling again from the loft. Or do they mean by a peace dove that I very much doubt, but the feeling is there any. I keep hoping to everyone that you are like me have a little quiet moment now and then. For a real world will not come the time being!!! . But as my mother often said “Who Small is beautiful is not large wards” So enjoy the little moments. I wish everyone a very happy, warm and loving Christmas wish. And the next week I will again say.

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