22 September 2017

From my holiday address ( a sunny Salobrena is located in southern Spain) I write my story today. Ordinary life here in Salobreña starts early. At about six runs gardener around our villa as an assassin, you hear him n.l. hardly. This guy has really studied in order not to disturb people, he may very gently spraying the plants and the lawn and make it almost silently clean the pool. Then he sweeps the terraces clean with precision where every self-respecting housewife would lick the fingers. Finally the water of the pool is subject to a control. Very subtle almost gracefully he creates a special bowl a little water out of the pool , throws a tablet in the water dish does the cap and shake 10 considerable time to and fro, he picks up a strip and soaked it in the water container. The color of the strip, he sees what the water and he takes action to get the water back to the correct values. As I describe this also happens with great precision and a lot of rest. The whole life is much quieter less hurried less stressed and more quality of life. In the Netherlands we have the (English word) “Quality Time” invented what is to say that you regularly take the time to do fun and cozy things, with family , friends, or the like. So we are already so far that we have invented a word to join our family , friends or family friendly, fun and relaxing things to do. Well want “It is leveling hey Quality Time. So I was at a birthday sat as an upstart typetje. (I know she finally she still lived in the same village and it did not so much for it was unapproachable figure.) And they just they talked about Quality Time. the question was put to her that her husband and one of their daughters . Her response was that he had Quality Time with his daughter in the pool. (went with my shots are strange thoughts right through my head and I even got pictures at. Yes they went on I told my husband that he once again as Quality Time had to have his eldest daughter. I could not resist, and then asked her what now of the Quality Time was this way. Or I asked , they must do this to you so that you can use the word Quality Time as though sounds interesting. After this remark from the old me Quality Time for her was clearly off. She gave me a sneer and said I did not know what did it mean to be married to a man who had his own business. I told them that's right because I do not fall on men. The conversation got a wrong turn and finally I have told “Miss QT” I knew a word of English “Golddigger”. My oldest daughter was standing near me during this conversation and they thought it was enough. So they said, bowl of porridge let us together enjoy a drink because I want some Quality Time with you. In short order so call. Now I have 2 daughters who I spend time with regularly, I've never seen as Qualty Time but just a nice relationship with your children where you can enjoy at any time of the day. That can be a bell a appje a note on the table as if on holiday together this week in Spain. And if you're here on vacation all “Manana Manana” and you will really relax. our house 50 meters from the sea 200 mtr walk to the beach. After a year of work and after pigeon season a perfect place to celebrate holidays with the family. Well then also talk about the pigeons course , my birds mate Tonnie care of the pigeons for me during our vacation. The old birds were already firmly in moulting and youngsters start to throw all nice feathers (appte Tonnie this week.) An important period moulting. From the moult the overture made to a new plumage this is quite definitely seen a difficult period for the birds the unnatural character which this happens. (dimming and enlighten). Everything is crammed together, because if you want to do winter breeding will the pigeons through the moult should otherwise make them stand old pens and that is not conducive for the upcoming racing season. All in all, the sport remains a great sport with always a new challenge again at the start as strong as possible. Oh still briefly about Quality Time I have searched for a Dutch word and then I can only come to “Quality Time” or do I write something funny!!!! . As my mother sometimes said “The bow can not always be tense” and so it is well-known, the three R, of course, also Rust Regularity and Cleanness. But that will be too Dutch for Miss QT. Or as my father ever said “High in the sphere but in the morning the same turd” I will say again the next time.

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