22 november 2016

I wrote last week about the first nachtvorstjes, we're back with temperatures in the 15 degrees above zero. The weather remains an unpredictable factor. It is of course also so that the climate will change more and more in recent years. I am now 40 years in the profession of painting , and from the beginning of my career I remember painters 15 March, the starting signal was given with respect to the exterior painting , in 15 October, the final maturity date of the exterior paintwork. In the current time and climate is the average humidity in April the same as earlier in March and so it is with the end of the season in November, the average humidity same as earlier in October, and thus is the same with the temperature, so everything moves on . They are also the painter of the materials developed by the standards of the time i.a.. faster drying products , environmentally friendly products. Anyway recent years much has changed in terms of climate for humans and animals . For those climate changes are not easy to handle, and that is a little problem. Because people are living in days, weeks ,months, years . For animals that is a different story, of course, also find their climate change, but animals do not think in time, animals work on season, feeling and intuition. I think the sport is a great example of interaction between humans and animals. Only man is sticking to the timeline in which we live and animals follow their intuition . That's why I think we should adapt the sport to be out of the pigeons and less artifice. B.v. winter breeding we begin to connect the end of November to early January, the first youngsters to rings . But finally we are too early seen a month how the climate behaves now. What do you want so much to me to say that the pigeons in this case not yet 100% ready to grow. The chromozomen in the body of a dove to know whether these are ready to start growing . That has to do with light, air, temperature, moon phase, solar position and all these elements help determine the magnetic field of the earth where birds are very sensitive to. So if the weather a month later begins in the world of the birds we will have to take into account the pairing and breeding pigeons. If the pigeons are ready in terms of spirit and body bevruchtings percentage will be higher , and will the youngsters in the egg that respond positively to all and emerge stronger in the world in this way and have more resistance against diseases and the like. That's why I'm going to keep this in mind this year and I want to link a month later with a full moon to influence as positive as possible breeding. In previous conclusion I came in response to a conversation I had with an old pigeon fancier who is also an amateur meteorologist and weather expert. He told me he came to these conclusions to a already a 5 years long study. He was so convinced of his research, and told also leveling casually that his theory was partly responsible for the huge losses of the (young ) pigeons. I find his story well worth it and would therefore go try. I will keep you informed of findings and progress. And as my father always said, “Nothing ventured remains virgin” the next week I will say.

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