22 July 2019

The bill continues to squeeze the youngsters flights. Every time I have done the pigeons in the travel baskets, creeps me feel a bit if you took something goodbye. Moments later, when the first beer that hits again in hope. And that's the last few years so simply because I am half or more lost something at the start of flights. In the club's youngsters are the most discussed topic. Everyone has an opinion about, but we are unanimous that there really have to change anything. Not only the sport has changed, also the conditions in which our pigeons fly has changed. And the great OEBIDOEBIS must be convinced. This is a disadvantage of a sport which is in reverse. Following through is then very difficult to really make big decisions and changes in favor of the sport. I know I'm skating on thin ice. By saying that leads to most older players it will take my time mentality prevails. Innovations make changes, and there are not many older players waiting. This is a logical consequence as nearly half of pigeon over sixty years. Among these players also are often somewhat “better lovers “In terms of pigeon. They are too afraid of a different system than where they fly very successful years with both the championship and not to mention commercial. We are in a dilemma, the one on the brake and the other on the gas. 2021 is over 18 months but still a long way away. Wisdom is I think somewhere in the middle. Only the middle is just really clear. Then just as the young bird race last Saturday. I had 14 doves, and the gross was good on. I try every week the youngsters to patch again. I have for the last 2 flights was done and on two occasions the last pigeon in the first clock flight. please note!!! These birds only came one day to the inside lapvlucht. So what is wisdom???. Anyway 14 pigeons so. The pigeons were to 07.15 hours unloaded with wind Z. So it could sometimes even be a decent speed flight. I had to 08.30 agreed to abort a landing which had used a client of mine along the four-day route. So this time, nothing you get home. While driving phoned a few times at home whether that was indeed at home and around 9.00 hours I had 7 home 6 boy and 1 old. In terms of pigeons clock reading remains always a bit tricky for my wife since I like the new clock heb.Dus 9.45 was the time she gave. A few weeks before she gave the time of the 2nd pigeon and I was 2nd in the club with the 1st pigeon. So the results can still sometimes get a surprising turn when the clocks are read. This time it was my 1st pigeon 7th in the club and 15th in the circuit therefore is still a nice result. But if you look at the difference of the first pigeon is the difference too large. What also indicates the best weather was a tough flight. On flight day I 13 of the 14 pigeons home. a No. 14 Sunday was on the cover. So in that respect everything home and back on the next flight. I wish everyone a lot of success for the following flights.

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