21 May 2019

Last Saturday I did not participate. A good customer celebrated her 80th birthday, the party started 16.00 and was celebrated in a hall in Bargercompascuüm and located in Drenthe. So we sat around 14.00 in the car to leave. My wife has the reins in such outings, so there was little space in time. Hence decided not to join the pigeons on the 2nd middle distance race. I thought it was too bad that I could not play the hens. They sit on eggs and well connected. This Saturday, the 1st one-day on the program so I have some more hope for a slightly better result. Saturday they give nice again so it could well be beautiful flight. I got a little used to the one-day flights so I'll be quite disappointed if the birds do not get better than the last middle distance races. I'm the hens this week sometime laps in preparation . I look at it this flight. I wish everyone good luck and I will say again the next time. Oh yeah, I want to thank everyone for the comments on my pieces on the site especially the bit about love club does have the e.e.a. released at various lovers and associations.

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