21 January 2018

I'm very much in the culture , Well plenty and in culture!!!!! I have the breeders 14 days ago linked . I have not lightened it was pretty loose again at that time so I think we'll see where the ship shore. As I wrote earlier, we have a long way to sell our house. Next week it will be for us or for 90 % be clear where we live. With this knowledge in mind is your all in doubt. Do I need to grow how long I can still fly along this season. They are all uncertainties against which I now walk on. Growing going well so I can see, I've been six of the eight couples on eggs. Two couples will not really succeed, one coupling is a summer young hens 2017 with a cock out 2009. The other couple is a cock from 2016 with a hen from 2015. This hen is blind in one eye, not a disease probably had something against it or unlucky hit in the eye. She was last November to watch a bloodied eye, I then immediately disinfected the eye and the wound with boiled water with salt alcohol solution. Now just about to enlighten, I do not think it makes a lot of difference. It perhaps helps that they put a few days earlier but otherwise I see little benefit. Also with the conception I see little to no difference. So for me is to enlighten the culture no real need. Well, and then talk about the pigeons on the list is added to intangible heritage. It is natural enough written about (read the track No. 3). When I think of it, I ask myself whether it makes sense to publish only in pigeon magazines. In my view you reach only the people who are already companies pigeon. Thing is it that the sport should be disseminated as widely as possible to get the sport into the spotlight and the attention of people who do business the sport. A film as nature films you see today on TV, beautifully mapped, or a soap opera about pigeon racing, good pigeons, poor pigeons, The Bold en de beautyduif, whether this would be a Utopia. But now take for instance Fish TV program about fishing, this program in recent years has had a very positive impact for fishing. Many people go fishing and tackle shops increased considerably in number. Angling is not a cheap activity especially if you want to buy some good stuff. But it comes to the positive impact that causes a program. I realize than Pigeon Homing pigeons TV or TV could mean the same and could bring the sport to many people's attention, so that more people become familiar with the doves and pigeons in general. It can not be that we are on the list of intangible heritage and we do nothing with this status. I hope that the people that this great initiative actually gave shape to continue and not be stopped in the prelude to a pigeon based on the standards of the current time. As my father ever said “unknown, unloved and known is favorable” I will say again the next time.



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