21 april 2019

The second race has evaporated, it was a lovely day, well above the 20 degrees. The wind was O- NO so for my pigeons still a pretty tough vluchtje for the first time this season. I had total 8 birds that I could join. The last training is one stayed away and 2 injured at home. So I could 6 hens and 2 playing cocks. It was a beautiful day to work outside our home. I need not bore me to attend because there is still plenty of work to do. So between the work by watching once or pigeons are released and then back to work. A buddy of mine came to help me to make the outer wall insulation to an old moored facade. Paste a decent job Styrofoam plates against the wall. It's a perfect system you basically makes a new facade and also well insulated too. But so far the work. The pigeons were liberated at 9.45 and they had to ± 160 discard km. I had calculated that between myself 11.45 in 12.00 pigeons had to fall. This calculation knocked nice, except “you guessed it” not with me. I had not counted on but hoped for an early dove. That is not to come. Is vielen about 12.22 3 hens 10 second, be the 1st-drawn first on the valve, though. But otherwise it was a good flight for my pigeons 13.29 was the last pigeon on the valve. All 8 pigeons back home, so again the next week and gradually I hope we get some progress books so they have to deal with the middle distance and one day better the condition and that I was on these flights a small role significant to play. The game now is for me the car, and yet shows a great feeling. It just remains a great sport, which I definitely will surprise again this year. I will say again the next time.

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