20 May 2017

It's been a while since I've written something on my site. The last few months had a lot of worries. We are still trying to sell our house. And further pressure around and in the home with anything and everything. And do not forget our company we have also busy with death:, we try to work out season. A very busy period in the life of the painters, Everyone is waiting impatiently for the sun or a degree 20 ideal conditions for garden and painting. But we live in the Netherlands and the weather gods are not very favorably been disposed. The weather is all too changeable and so we have to conclude now that we've 10 days behind on our schedule. The economy is picking up !! not as hard and fast as everyone calls but there is clearly good progress achieved in what immediately noted on the applications and the assignments that result from it. It gives a lot of buzz and a good thing ,It's a luxury problem we say. And so it is ultimately. And now the duivelary!!! yeah what shall I say it again from. As you know I have only 1 loft with three divisions and a small outside aviary. This year the racers 23 March only linked. I have all the young couples let out to fly the first flight from the nest with the intention to get the forme only for the middle distance and one-day flights. Until last week, the results were therefore not very special 1 x is a 18th of the circle on the speed races. But last week it was a complete surprise to the 1st middle distance race (Epernay) 11st in the club in the circle of ± 2250duiven 14th in the department of nearly 6000 pigeons. I was not the week before the rash , was this result a week later of course a big surprise but no less fun. The beauty of a good flight you being congratulated by many pigeon fanciers . It has all the phone calls and apps also positively surprised me. I fly so with 9 doffers 7 yearlings (whose 1 late youngster who has just flown around the house last year) in 2 perennial cocks. They're sind 2 widowhood weeks so it has seemed that the forme starting to come but success or yield successes in the past for the future is still questionable. Last Saturday celebrated my mother her 80th birthday a great party for her organized where we all had to be natural. it began a to 12.00 hours and then to the ballroom where the party with more family and friends celebrated. Such a party is great fun but it's a shame you're a pigeon flight . I was not at the return of the pigeons and have unfortunately seen nothing . Several pigeons people with me had the pigeon in the street yet 2 minute look around before he flies on 12.39.07 was perched. A yearling the 776 a cock from the Piet Boon 902 x is a hen from Patrick Lismonts. Of 776 flew in the association 8 minute lead and had a rate of 1689 p/min. Let's hope it's not a one-day fly and we on the following flights can enjoy even more of this cock. Today we have a flight that Vitesse is gone from Vervins (267km). After returning home to start preparing the 1st one-day race from Gien for next week. So all in all a pretty busy week again . I wish everyone for today and good luck for next week. And as my mother always said, “One swallow does summer” I will say again until next week


Welcome to my new site, I hope you will visit regularly with pleasure my site. So I can keep you informed of how I experience the diabolism.


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