20 december 2018

It's been a while since I wrote a piece on my site. As I wrote the last time we did a 1 November into our new house, and it has succeeded. 27 October J.L.. We involved our new home . It was not quite ready but we can sleep, eat and shower sit in the living room. De hal, overflow and storage need additional attention, but only as a marking time. And in the new year again encounter. During the renovation, I still 7 Flights joined the youngsters, and if I say it was not really myself without merit. I am finally 12 of the 22 youngsters finished 3rd with the result indicated in the strong dept 8 region 4 around 3 I am very proud. It is now 20 December, I have the breeding loft with buitenrennetje ready hens and today I put the cocks, So the breeding season has begun. I've been a bunch of beautiful cocks and hens to breed, Last season, several enthusiasts with pigeons from these couples also flew top prizes. I have decided this year to make new couples to grow out. I also go for the racing season linking the breeding cocks on the racing hens and racing cocks and breeding hens. This way I can with 11 pigeons to the races get involved. So there is a great challenge in the offing. I'll still put a run for the youngsters loft so the youngsters will soon get used inside and outside the new environment. I will try to regularly write a piece in order to share the progress of the culture. And as my mother ever said “another can not say what you believe. I will say again the next time.

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