20 augustus 2017

I am now in the middle of the holiday and if you're going home all relaxed, you have more time to do the things you normally have less time. Take for reading the newspaper normally grab the headlines, a piece of local news , sport and finally the obituaries. Now you have more time and read the newspaper more intensive. But if you are there even happier is still to be seen. Take for the attack in Barcelona, a car van drives on unsuspecting people who live there or celebrate holidays. This attack was committed by boys aged 16 up to 18 years old. First, I think, those guys do have a driving license and I am beyond me to think what I did when I was your age. My 16th birthday was at the time a milestone in my life. I was n.l. moped riding (a red kreidler with chrome caps with speedometer and more importantly a tachometer). My luck could not I own a moped. The world was again a bit bigger, My parents gave me the opportunity again to start the next phase of your life. You could further afield to explore and I got more responsibility on my parents. We went with some friends a touring ends and then hang together anywhere(is now chilling) and then fantasize about you hum obstacle to ride harder (increase we called it) want 50 km per hour was finally just a trot and it made you really bring on the girls not impressed. And impress girls also became an increasingly important part of your life and a bit blitze hum obstacle could use help (I thought) or as my buddy pigeons Tonnie always says when we years 16 were we drove around all day on the rear with our dear hum through the village. Well I really do not want to say that at that time no rottenness was gutted . Of course it is !!!! but there never were any dead at. It was mischievous behavior where you often have had to sit on the blisters, it took my parents in any case before. But how crazy the world is now I think than boys 16 up to 18 years who knowingly drive into people with all its consequences. What these guys for a life experience to do this, they really do not mind as when we 16 were just keep boys 16 year who play such atrocities. What me is always surprised that the attack immediately claimed, none yet 5 minutes later!!!!. They have eyes and ears everywhere seems. Later as an old woman with a rollator to an elevator door collides , or an old grandpa is a bicycle TO ELECTRIC, or a little girl shows a scoop “ice” fall, or a little boy shooting a diamond piece with a football, if someone leaves a wet wind or a fat farmer or worse someone goes shopping, All these events will be claimed. Yes itself as a slumlord someone hits a broken jaw, this man does not have to worry because, you guessed it, this is also reclaimed . I even think that in the near future, the loss of the youngsters and the so-called bad discharges pigeons will be claimed. Well we are back at the pigeons yesterday 2 flights natour 1st and 6th youngsters flight. On both flights played no significant role, the young bird race I clocked the 1st pigeon 15.17 I was 16th in the association and 61st in the circle (no significant role so) was in the circle of the 10 pigeons there 7 awards. On 1st natourvlucht I was 6th in the club and 30th in the circle, I clocked the pigeon to 11.57.05 The first pigeon was clocked at 11.52.09 So on this flight I could not impress. I found it a bit sorry for the youngsters flight I took it nice (no longer like that) and if you had you had to keep doing it early bird. As my mother ever said “it's no use crying over spilled milk” I'm going to prepare the pigeons again fleeing the latest youngsters and 2nd natourvlucht. Just again in earnest to get the pigeons up for the start zoal my father ever said “if you stand still you everyone walks past” I will say again the next time.

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