2 June 2019

It seems that summer has finally been introduced today the temperature rises above the first 30 degrees. Delicious for all, for the birds, the garden or on a terrace delicious. Yesterday 4 pigeons 2 the clock and 2 a kind fly. I hear you, a kind fly !!!. I had already set the clock at home, in 2 designated pigeons but I had the wrong flight(done Limoges.) So that I could not play at Soissons. Not so handy. The 1st and 2nd nominated who had entered the wrong flight (Limoges) I had the lead at Soissons. The 1st was there 11.15 and the 2nd order 11.35. I had no idea whether it was early or late, We are busy in the garden so not really waiting for the pigeons. When I saw the result was the dove 11.15 reasonable time. This had been 14th in the association but yes there you have of course the flight, something more to the form which is over. Certainly the 2nd day long distance flight in sight it is good to see that all that is better. I had a party last night so I was not at the turn of the clock to the club. This morning, first as a brackish head to the pigeon (Alcohol did not miss its effect). Even giving the racing couples bath and the young pigeons. When I prayed to the pilots to fill as a dove landed on the cover, that happens naturally sometimes more, Although too late yet!!!. I looked at the door and there was a hen I had the door closed but she ducked in through the door. Clearly a pigeon belong here I thought. Anyway the hen left by the pilots in the loft and she went straight to drink and a little peck feed. The other pigeons got ready to dive into the bath so I had them but just go ahead. Well it is the case that during my (ramp)drilling last week 10 km one hen was left. So I thought she might well be, they at least seemed much. I was curious and went back a little later to the loft. They sat jauntily on the breeding loft, I could hold so she was nice about not flying off. And then I looked at the ring number I was surprised it was the sister (girder nest of hen I the 10 drilling km'm lost). I was a bit surprised this hen was no longer on the entlijst and was described last year in my pigeon program with W stayed away. To cut a long story short, I ask myself where this hen all along has been to come back to over a year in the private loft. I wonder therefore wonder they have kept this hen, for breeding hen or widow hen if I know what. She looked cared so a swagger was not, Well then say it remains a mystery. I'll see next week if she returns home from a drilling. Maybe I can use them. I am now busy with the training of the youngsters I've 2 weggehad time both times to the same place and so far everything Thuus. The following drilling again a few kilometers away. and then this weekend the 2nd middle distance. I hope again a success but more like hope is not. I wish everybody luck with the boy and the next flight. I will say the next time.

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