2 april 2019

Last weekend for the first time trained pigeons. About a race of 10 km is more than enough for the first time. They had flown around the house all week and that went well, So the time is come buggy. How do you turn or reverses the still always exciting the first training flight. When I got home there was no sign of dove, I was twenty minutes before the first home 6 flew in domestic pigeons. fifteen minutes afterwards there were still 3, So with an hour 9 pigeons home over a distance of 10 km.!!!!!! The form is still not really got there fedusie in that as the season progresses it will get better. Anyway the last 2 pigeons were respectively 1 hours 2 hours later, when the first pigeons so they have been traveling ff. Let there he just say they have learned a lot. This weekend they first go on the training I'm confident that they'll come home, and at this stage in the form in which the birds find themselves now that the highest. I will say again the next time.

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