The first flight natour gone from Duffel , I had 32 pigeons which 10 late boy 5 injured early and late or come home and 17 hens. I chose as many pigeons play on the late tour. just to see what is inside, and whether there are surprises , I can play next year in the races, especially the one-day flights . I want to go there to focus a bit and got the idea to next season with as many cocks and hens to play these flights. The Vitesse Flights I would therefore like to use to play the pigeons. This choice automatically means that I can go associate racers later so they hold out until the end of the one-day flights and stay motivated. So why this choice. Furthermore, the pigeons are released to the air in the late tour to 10.20 with SSW winds and could get a good rate. that happened almost 100 mph speeds are pretty. Sometimes there ever been inferior overflights where high speeds they are taken as the so-called fan flights over. I think that the pigeon on these flights must have a terribly good orientation ability, because if at this wind 15 min by shooting them a half hour into the wind needed to come back. So then you added 45 min further. And you can forget it because the prices have been distributed long and wide. The first pigeon in our club was to 11.37.34 clocked. My first pigeon flew 11.38 around which soon found one in on 39 land them on the loft where they to my chagrin almost 4 min sat. Eventually I clocked my first 2 pigeons in exactly the same minute and second n.l. 11.42.45 2 perennial hens. I was then 9 pigeons together approximately 8 min have flown around. Between this annoyance there were a few pigeons that did not go along with this misery. My 3rd pigeon was a late boy 2016 and I turned on 11.43.22 my 4th pigeon was an early young who had been injured and I turned on 11.43.45. I was thus in association 19 / 20 / 23 /25e was the time with something more like 6 min tight. It was all in all a nice flight . I still have to 2 late youngsters and 1 early boy. Next week we have only one natourvlucht if the weather forecasts are good, I play all the pigeons will Asse-Zellik ± 160km so that has to do. We can prepare a week so we back off again. Good luck again and we are going to hope for the best.


Last week I wrote about the loss of the youngsters , Today I write a piece which the losses and everything around it is left in the shadow. This week a member of our association decided to not to continue with life. He was the youngest member in our club and since this year. He helped build a cage by one of our members and assisted by several members to youngsters so he could join this racing season with the youngsters races and of course to gain experience. He was well off and played with the youngsters not without merit, he was until last week 1st nominated in the circle and 4th in the designated section, all in all a wonderful achievement and motivation to have fun in the duivelary . But how else can run a human is unsearchable, you never know what's going on in somebody his head, are all superlatives. At first glance, everything went as his pace and seemed as if he was happy, he has 2 Children where he spoke proudly about and 2 weeks back another day or 10 on was a holiday in Spain. Last week when I spoke to him at the club told him to have a nice holiday with the boys. How weird is it that you get a few days later the news that he's gone. My thoughts go out to his 2 boys , his siblings and his father and mother, and everyone else who was close to him and state. With this I want his family and everyone who knew him wish strength. We as a club will miss him as helpful and honest man.

I want to conclude with a quote from my father. Dying once you geniet life, You're more dead than you are alive.

The winners of this week's special congratulations on this not easy racing day.

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