19 november 2017

Sinterklaas has arrived back in our little country, but I feel that he is present all year round. Regularly renewed discussion returns over the Saint and his helpers. He is now officially arrived in our country so the gingerbread cookies can(kruidnoten) or Sinterklaasmix again in a large pot or bowl on table. The Sinterklaasmix is ​​a blend of herb (pepper)nuts soft sweet candies foam animal figures in various colors and not forget the sweet hearts in different colors and with words like, as Lief- Love-For You – darling. I sat me have to wonder whether the kruidnoten still can. These nuts are made from herbs and spices i.a.. cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, clove, ginger, cardamom. Precisely these spices undoubtedly partly due (slave labor are harvested) the VOC became rich treasure dear. Partly because these products Netherlands was one of the great powers in the world and is due to the current prosperity in which we live all together regardless of color or origin. I'm also often wonder why there are people who worry about the color of a Piet, it is a feast for the children who have never thought about this and without prejudice celebrated their so exciting feast. Today, the children all discussions in all media are saddled with it and everyone should find something of. If you because none of you will be placed in the camp of the racist. I have a son-colored, to him and I sometimes asked his parents and family if they found it annoying that there were black helpers and whether they felt associated therewith. Well I'll tell these people had and have absolutely no difficulty that Black Peter is black. We are talking about a group of people who were there unfortunately have to bother . Where I is disturbing to be geintervieuwd during a broadcast of the kids news kids and asked them what they think. One says I find colored helpers like but also the black!!! the other says my mom and dad are his helpers like !!!. I have not heard one which White Petes like. So I could now feel discriminated against myself, but I do not because I think that it's a children's party and children are never bevooroordeelt in principle and so you have to let it. I recently heard a black man who had followed the whole Black Petes discussion and felt gradually discriminated against because no blame game might be more. So keep it firmly but note that this discussion gets going again in a few years because our dark fellows are discriminated against because there are no Black Petes. And then it is said that in the time of slavery black people have had enough and are good for a nice children's they do not count!!!!!!!!!!!!. Well having said this we go on to the duivelary. Today I put the tea again, so the pigeons still have a week to believe. I came this week in contact with someone who was going to sell his pigeons since he was quitting the sport. Now I will going to stop always sad when someone with the duivelary especially because the number of members already steadily declining. But I also regularly stoppers or inkrimpers experienced a month later were again plenty to work with duivelary. These are the so-called (I quit a lot of money to catch and go on anyway with by). But this man stopped really going, He was moving to a location near village. He took nothing with it, no loft , No pigeons really nothing. He wished his best pigeons would be well spent. He has them temporarily parked at a friend. During a conversation I had with him I realized clearly that he had trouble saying goodbye to the doves, but not with the sport. He had been calm and he said that he will find delicious. No stress of linking , culturing and everything that goes with it. I bought him a koppeltje pigeons for breeding, just to try. This fancier had flown good results with his pigeons and pigeons from this couple. So I hope there is something good can grow out. During a telephone conversation I had with this lover I promised him that if he ever wants to start racing pigeons, he can pick boy at me from his flock (at least if I make a usable or perhaps good pigeon swipe). He found a nice offer , but as yet no pigeons he said, I said sorry and wished him good luck and success in his new home. And as my mother ever said. “You are welcome to stop, but if you do not stand still” I will say again the next time.

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