19 March 2019

We are now back on a good week, and the young pigeons fly apace, not all because there is some difference in age between. I always go a little apprehensive as the last bijgezette youngsters for the first time flies get lost. This is because the older younger whatsoever on fly. And every year it all is not so bad. Furthermore, it is now time raptor I live right on the outside area , and there is also a vegetable farmer with his own orchard. You know how it is all of those rows of fruit trees that sometime in late September early October a bus with Poland, Oekraïners, Romanians, Hungarians being driven inward for(an apple and an egg) a murder corridor to pick the fruit from the trees. In deze zelfde boomgaard staan ook van die roofvogel kasten waar dus de roofvogel zijn domicilie heeft en die de spreeuwen en andere fruitpikkers bij de boomgaard moeten verjagen. Deze roofvogels willen ook weleens de vleugels uitstrekken en hangen in een split-second boven mijn duivenhok wat niet bevorderlijk is voor je duivenbestand en voor je eigen hartritme. I miss so far 1 youngster as I can see. I am quite stopped to count the birds every time they have been outside. You do not be quieter. I always have a pair of doves that stand out to me and to miss as little faster. And then I know instinctively when pigeons are missing, usually at a glance. But that many fanciers , I spoke. I have the racers last weekend coupled so that we try to fully get to work to get the start again they appear soon as possible. The Vitesse Flights are not my specialty, but they are pretty flights to watch the pigeons on it. So the next few weeks enough work to do. I will say again the next time.

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