19 July 2017

Last weekend was a success in many ways. he had 2 flights last middle distance race and the 1st official youngsters flight. On both flights was called the reasonably successful. In the middle distance, I was 2nd in the association and a 7th position in the circle. The youngsters I was 15th in the association and in the circle 22, of the 12 young pigeons I had it sat there 7 awards, So that's already been called quite satisfactory. The flights went well and all the birds were so at home. How else went with the Barcelona flight, where in Belgium quite a few birds stayed away as the messages in the AD!!!. The reason it would be a fierce north wind raised in the French pyrenees (called tramontana.) Coverage in the AD was not written at favure of the sport. And that was noticed several media, I was last Tuesday approached by RTL news, if I wanted to work on a documentary about the sport. In itself I thought is nothing wrong with that and it seemed nice. Moments later revealed in the interview that it would be mostly about the flight Barcelona and the loss of birds associated with these types of flights, that was asked. It also would go about monetary gain what would have to earn this type of flights, o.a. selling the winning pigeon. So spectacular story had to be the sport where the loss of Flight Barcelona and the financial gain on the back of the pigeon would prevail. After some thought came over me a weird feeling and I wondered whether I wanted it to work here. I did not participate in a documentary where duivelary could be portrayed as losing a sport full of pigeons and monetary gain. I would pigeon fanciers and even more generally considerably deficit have participated. Because let's we might fly itself 80 year Barcelona Flight, formerly the pigeons in wicker baskets transported by train to Barcelona were there to be careful and unloaded and were discharged after some rest. Today the pigeons pigeons containers are transported with climate control and plenty of food and water. I also arose in the question would be which 80 year never one tramontana are raised in the Pyrenees. That seemed and seems very strong. In the past, there will also sometimes spill flights were due to weather conditions causing losses pigeons. I'm not going to interfere in the debate me or distant flights would be too far for pigeons . It is a sport within the duivelary and there are still many fans who see this as the ultimate(each his own I say) What I do want to ensure that the duivelary through social media could be seen in a bad light. B.V. AD interviews a disappointed lover who might have had a bad race. This message will be immediately posted on social media and shared by everyone. News programs also read it and Albert Verlindes and Peter van der Princes see it as spectacular and make it not notice having exceptional news that you do the duivelary in general a disservice with. While I am writing this, Rice me the idea to RTL news to call and ask if they can and want to make a film about the sport that focuses on all aspects of the sport and which could make a positive contribution to the sport. As my mother often said. “Every bird sings as it is beaked” in “It is the tone that makes the music” I wish everyone very nice flights this weekend and I will say until next week.

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