19 december 2017

It has been 10 days ago I wrote the previous piece, time flies with bullets walk past. It is the last few days have been a bit drizzly weather freezing rain a bit and therefore slippery road again. All codes for bad and dangerous weather will clear yellow, orange and even red. It's the time of year that the curtains will close early it's a nice atmosphere in the house, the tree is decorated beautifully hung anywhere or stand Christmas decorations. Just before Christmas is usually a good time for reflection, you think about the year again with all its good and bad moments both business and pleasure. Also on TV are now again all sorts of programs that look back on the past year. I sat me in the week as to wipe out why they make retrospective programs. Nowadays you can each TV program looking back or recording at the touch of button (on demand) is called. Even series of earlier you at our Nostalgia back and watch TV, Swiebertje, Onedin line, Citroentje sugar. At home I'm looking in the minority in terms of TV, I'm blessed with three women in the house. Two daughters who are quickly with the phone and control the TV via an APP, My wife has the remote control. So I've seen the Titanic three times in the past year and more of this kind of romantic dramas. Also, the recorded TV programs are at various time points to look back by the womenfolk. So I if I do or not will owe to watch it. Oh yeah i had forgotten Utopia, a creche a bunch of men and women for adults they have trapped and need to build a new society. What I understand is the end close in June this gedoetje stops because there is a bus lane (rightly so!!!). Then I also have to look at someone who was getting married, but finally not again. He said he had no butterflies in his stomach very emotional at the moment supreme. I thought I had him a few weeks ago a few caterpillars in his ass pushed he would have now had butterflies in his stomach. So I'm not much for TV but behind the laptop. da past few weeks I've been working assemblies couples. I can only really drive not think that is because of the uncertainty there is about selling our home and buying a new home. I chose to leave intact the breeding couples as possible, the same cock and hen in the same broedbak that gives the least problematic. I wish everyone a merry Christmas wish with pleasure good food. But especially enjoy each other. And as my mother ever said “enjoy you can never do enough and you have also enjoy weather” I will say again the next time.

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