18 March 2018

It currently is not possible to write a weekly piece on my site, partly because we are very busy with our company well I write 2 a weekly column in the footsteps of champions. And of course with the house sale and purchase new home. The house where we live, will be renovated significantly i.a.. demolish new front and rear side, and on a new foundation masoning. There are all new windows and there is a new roof. We're talking only about the outer shell, inside it is all new, but there is not much changed in the format. So we want to keep intact the tiles in the hallway and the door panel, we want to reuse as much as possible. Furthermore, new power (there is now 1 current group home) new ceilings and stucco walls and ceilings of all, also renewed the central heating system and water pipes. Furthermore, it creates a new bathroom and toilet, and that's the way it goes a little. We have chosen to perform in-house as much as possible all work, which means that there will be requested from all disciplines tenders. To not compare apples and pears in the quotation stage we have a specification and job description for the complete renovation by an architectural. These specifications we have given to the various companies that have come to rely on us for their turn, when all the bids were within, we sit sure to compare quotes each discipline together, not only pricing but also process and routing and scheduling what is just as important. This stage we are as good as we rounded know 95% what the whole operation will cost and the other 5% are unpredictable and we hope also to save them a little. So far I have the renovation costs had in hand, but that is about to change. There tiles must clear, sanitary, colors and all you can get are picked disagreement during reconstruction on. I have to keep the boat a long time but in recent weeks the virus struck home with my wife and our 2 daughters speak their mother along, making it any easier for me to embody my ideas . The only thing I can say to this female rabble, think of the budget but whether it has much influence, I ask myself. So much for the rebuilding, the pigeons are all simply by I 14 days ago 17 flocks of pigeons moved to a temporary location. sit at the moment 12 couples and eggs 5 couples especially yearlings are busy looking for a cock or hen to get in a broedbak. Our new residential area they yesterday loft coordinates pinned so nothing stands in the way just now dealing with the youngsters fly. It's always nice when everything goes the father in such a hectic period, In the course of the next week will be finally sold our house. Most preparations have been made and we can finally start to our new challenge, and for me in particular because I will be with 3 Women should consider all their wishes and ideas. And as my father ever said “Women are very strange guys” I will say again the next time.

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