18 June 2019

We are the first youngsters race. In recent weeks is therefore trained to your heart or self, or with the association , or with the container. Last Sunday, the club organized a drilling flight. We had 251 pigeons and the point was Venray. I myself did 35 it. I had to 6.00 hours rose to address the pigeons quietly and immediately a chip ring to do. It was also a good time to do a drop in the neck against lice and other ectoparasites (nice word for lice, fleas,sign and the like) If 9.00 hours basketting started at the club for this drilling. When I arrived to 9.15 hour was busy and was already outside the trailer and were the youngsters already in full the baskets doing. There were also fans who saw this as a training vluchtje their old birds, which is also not a problem. After a delicious cup of cowboy coffee or cup boesewinkel (teer) We are at exactly 10.00 hours left for Venray. I as a driver, a convonyeur and mini convonyeureke (9 year) . The ride went nice and 10.45 Venray hours we drove in, we went looking for a good unloading. This we found on a road under construction in an industrial center in the field. When we got out of the car stuck our shoes stuck to the tar layer on the road (I immediately think of the coffee earlier that morning) A little looking around and it was a good place, we have to 10.55 hours unloaded the pigeon, they had a wonderful departure, So far So good. We drove back home, if 11.30 we were already reports that the first pigeons were home so far to put it right. Arrived at the club put back the trailer and immediately headed home to see how many there were in the clock. I almost got the lack when I had seen my wife asked how many doves they home, No one said they!!!!!! So I strode out and already saw a lot of 10 sit in the pen. (women see mar roare Kerls said my father ever) When I stood at the clock there was 23 the clock and there were still a lot of 8 on the roof. The dakzitters did not really hurry to come down, I already got a bit of a strange feeling at. Later in the afternoon I saw the race in which there were some vomit, and later in the loft I saw several perches vomited food are. Usually coli also has been introduced. And so it was jammerenoeg. So Sunday measures taken immediately and now after 3 days it already looks better. I had no idea that it is a heavy coli. The 1st day very little green mucous stools and now after 3 days it's as good as gone. Anyway the result was after this drilling, 2 pigeons away and a light coli in the loft. The question I pose myself now, I or some pigeons 1st race can and wants to play. Maybe a piece of 5 !!!!. The first flight has 140 km which in itself is quite firm , we go from 70 km ( drilling) to 140 km. The following is on wedvlucht 160 km. What is wisdom and the pigeons I do possibly with a chance to come home unscathed. I have a few days so I'll wait until Friday. Going back to the last middle distance race I had 5 hens with the first I turn to 14.25.12 This was 30 more so no significant role in the club. I still hope one outlier, who knows the upcoming one-day. I wish everyone good luck and happiness sure flight at the upcoming 1st youngsters. And of course also for the much-day sucses. I will say again the next time.

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