18 February 2017

Time flies and before you know it we have a few more weeks without writing anything. The last few weeks were over crowded and turbulent weeks. As I wrote earlier, we were engaged in the sale of our house. We decided not to let the planned sales go for this because we ourselves have no other home to our liking were found. But such a decision, both parties should be happier and we did not feel that we were happier. So why not sell our house, something the buyers were obviously not very happy. Our house is now for sale again and we have made us more aware of what we want and what is possible. Then to make matters worse, our Morgan 2 weeks ago deceased to bloat. Morgan was a weimaraner (Weimaraner) he is almost 9 become year. I was that day at home had some customers to visit and Morgan was out wonderfully playing with Pucki (Jack Russel). We had to 17.00 an appointment with the broker to have to go through some details with regard to the sale of our house. At that time I wanted to give the dogs their lumps in the bench, I had fifteen minutes before the radiator to put high so it would be a nice pleasing temperatuurtje. So I walk out to the garden house and I see Morgan out lying dead in the water. At that time scare yourself a bump and went to sit with him in disbelief, have detained him and petted. It was a very sad event, My wife came home at that time and I had her say this annoying message. I called the animal ambulance and these people have neatly picked up our Morgan and brought him to the animal crematorium. I would like to express respect for the volunteers of animal ambulance. These people do a good job and deal with a lot of respect to animals and man. The loss continues, Morgan is like puppy 10 weeks came to us and was a real sweetheart for our girls cats and other dogs we have. We have a lot of fun with him and politely to him he was a sweetheart, He lay snoring weeknight supper with my wife on the couch like a lumberjack, to make to be awake again and turned and again deliciously lay sprawled to snore more. So, and then it is passed at one time a raw deal but it is the correct sequence. When we Morgan went up at the breeder she told us that we should take away the puppy also someday again, this because once people are now older than most pets, and they added another there to as it is not the case would be with ourselves would not have ended well. The above events the devilment has in recent months been at a lower ebb. But now our house is not sold I want to do things quickly get back on track. My buddy Tonnie with my racing and breeding pigeons went to the vet to vaccinate them. Lamb's father my partner has adjusted the roof of my loft for better ventilation in the loft. I also put grates on the floor so that it all becomes easier with some cleaning. I still have 1 loft 3 departments, This loft I'm especially fly, department 1 for cocks 1 department 2 for the hens. And further 1 Department for the youngsters. All this of course while it lasts because sold our house is over the course stops, but until then I will be sure to enjoy again. I'm not young birds themselves breed I have the time no longer to get them done on time flights for the youngsters. A fellow pigeon fancier(Gerard van den Bovenkamp) has offered me some youngsters so I can still do it later with flights youngsters, a wonderful selection of course I am very happy, just a top product of a topmelker. My mother often said there are always people who want to help “WELL WHO DOES GOOD MEET” Again a few wise words of a very wise woman. Until next week I will again say.

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