18 december 2016

Almost a year passed , time flies !!!. It seems that the more the years pass, the faster time seems to go. And yet there must always be thrown out a final sprint at the end of the year. Alles moet of, everything should be ready.!!!! It seems there is no more new year, and that these are truly the last few days . Everything in this time of year is all about Christmas and New Year. Everywhere you walk in and you look everything is about Christmas and New Year. It all starts with the flyers in the coach with the most elaborate meat dishes , ice cream cakes, wines, Christmas trees , lighting, it does not stop. If you just read the leaflets we'll just continue in the commercials on TV. The best scenes are displayed, a big red truck with thousands of illuminated lights coming through a wonderful winter landscape to drive, or the coziest family scenes in a beautifully decorated living room with a nicer covered Christmas table where grandpa , and grandmother receive their children and grandchildren and great surprise if the doorbell rings and is the prodigal son to the door that specially flown in from a foreign place and the Christmas celebration comes home. And do not forget the cooking shows with top TV chefs , each program is nowadays a cook. And these chefs create the most amazing dishes in a half-hour time, they have 7 magnetrons , 24 hobs, 5 luchtovens week , 3 rookovens, 12 grill plates the best pots and pans at their disposal, not to mention the finest meats and fish the finest fruit and vegetables and the finest wines and liqueurs. Everything we see and hear gives us the idea that the most enjoyable days of the year are coming up, and so we also feel whether you like it or not it is just in our system. In short, Christmas remains one of the most beautiful times of the year, with or without snow, it's just the family celebration par excellence. And between all this Christmas violence duivelary continue unaffected. The first youngsters will soon daylight (kunstlicht) go see for early January they should be banded. De winterkweek is in volle gang , this is for many pigeon fanciers a wonderful time to see grow their juveniles to soon be able to fly the stars of the sky in the new season. For other devotees to wait and later begin to grow, the time around Christmas and New Year a good time to put the finishing touches on the I. A week or perhaps 2 weeks of release time to quietly along the breeding couples ask any small changes to make to the loft. These are the last days of a year. A year in which happened at all and we again with conviction and courage will look to the new year. With all the innovations, Also in the sport. There new flight programs are presented with the intention to prevent the losses of the young birds, Also new ideas are presented to counter the loss of members and also to make people excited about the duivelary. Something must be done with the duivelary which we all know, I think we have to give time and to ensure that there be informed and good decisions making the sport returns to a positive future. My mother always said “When it rains heavily , rains never last” where she wanted it as much say as everything goes fast it is also true over again. Until next week I will again say.

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