17 October 2017

It seems that we will have a beautiful autumn, is also good for parents and children, because this week's autumn. The season of chestnuts , turnips beechnuts and acorns. Recently I was at a customer , and I saw those dolls were made of acorns and chestnuts impaled on toothpicks. They had made the most of puppets. The snowman I found the most beautiful 2 small beechnuts feet as small and large chestnut as body weather 2 beechnuts as arms and a small chestnut as head, artfully it was to see. When I was so looking at the mind wandered off to how my time with autumn coped so to speak. In the village where I lived was a chestnut tree and we cycled along every day. In this period we saw as we rode past them all regularly greenish spine balls where chestnuts grew, in the pasture and are located on the road. We knew then that it was time to go clubbing, So on the very first day we went armed with a pimple(which is a green shoulder bag they had in the army) direction chestnut. First look at the street and into the pasture to chestnuts already fallen. You had to be careful because the cows were in the pasture and there were those fat koeie-pies that sometimes a chestnut inlag (we are left anyway , all we felt very sorry) if we could not find any fallen chestnuts more we started clubbing with a short thick branch we then tried to throw towards the left in the tree hanging chestnuts. It was always a sport in itself to hit that green spine balls. Sometimes the bat hung between the branches and then you had with another piece of wood there again throw the bat, which was at the expense of the pruductie the numbers chestnuts. Anyway club after a day we had the paltry number of about 30 chestnuts are in Pimple, we also had to share Couple. Direction Walking home we peeled the brown bark of the chestnut to then take a bite of. The disappointment then only came to light well, bitter that they were especially bluish green wires that passed between the veins of the chestnut (gadverr) What was that dirty. And if you have a few minutes to a chestnut on the chew was they were getting worst complication dry and you got it hardly swallowed (I think still run the creeps on the back) At home the booty was laid on the table. My father thought and some of those chestnuts still tasty and my mother made you are not really happy with it. Then but dolls and figures thereof make, matches had to make a sharp point on the match and then build started dolls. That was fun for an hour as well as mar we had a nice day in the autumnal air. Now wants the coincidence that last week I had to paint a kitchen with a customer, let that now the farm where the chestnut tree . Yes, he is still there and during the coffee I told this story and asked how old chestnut tree. For as long as I could and saving memories that tree stood me there. This tree as our customers told, there was at the first farm that was here and being bombed in the war. I knew from my father that he worked on this farm before the war by two ladies who had inherited the farm. The customer said he knew the chestnut or more as 150 year old. He had heard of a tree surgeon he had inspected the tree because there were a few large dead branches. When I sat there thinking about it I thought it was really special that my grandfather, my father and later I again enjoyed the chestnuts. And even with our daughters, we sought still sometimes chestnuts under that tree. So I thought, here we are talking about a real tree. Four generations who have had fun Chestnut tree. Well then talk about the pigeons, Last weekend we have 50 Anniversary of our club celebrated pigeons. It was a nice meeting with the paltry number of yet 10 playing members with their partners. So with twenty people celebrated the anniversary of the once-proud club with more than 40 membership. In such a jubilee it is even more clear where we stand with our beautiful pigeon . The numbers are still declining membership and this because the sport was no longer popular among younger. I am thinking why not popular among the young, Also elderly quit. And that is my opinion that there is no innovation left in the pigeon. We are stuck in the old , just note it was quite progressive electronic. But otherwise linger throughout duivelary in game system and as the biggest change will have to come to make it attractive for young and old to enjoy the sport. As my mother sometimes said “with eyes wide open you are getting worst complication blind ” I will say again the next time.

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