17 July 2019

It was me or vluchtje!!!!!! And I am flight on the youngsters last Saturday. I had 19 young pigeons for a flight ± 160 km. By some bad weather the pigeons 12.30met NW winds were unloaded. I had calculated for myself that the pigeons around 2 hours 15 min would do about. My calculation knocked nice, The first pigeon was clocked at our club 14.37. In the corridors you hear all that time and you hope that at you too fast is a dove on the cover. The first pigeon fell to me after a few laps you around the house, 17 my leaves (14.54) as the first pigeon in the club on the shelf. Well that's pretty long wait. 2 minutes later I saw no 2 arriving this landed on the roof of the house and chose a few seconds later the plattedak of the dormer window at the neighbor for lessons there to be thirsty. (to throw a handful of gravel, the distance was too great) If 15.09 3rd pigeon landed on the 2nd valve ( the flat roof specialist bitum it was still checking and continued to sit) Eventually she came 15.10 down and went inside. What an annoyance!!!!!!. And then it was wait. On 15.17 came 4th pigeon. After the 4th pigeon remained quited. If 19.00 was turn the clock, when I had 10 So even at home 9 to go. You're then again to hope that there are some home with pinched buttocks. I had to pass the turn to me because the plasterer late had finished his work. The rain was quite a mess in the house I wanted to have first cleared. Anyway around 20.00 I am finished and went inside, curious about the outcome. And it was quite so bad. My 1st pigeon was 9th in the club 22 in the circle and in the 66th Division. In itself quite an achievement, but it was quite a tough flight. Friday basketing for this flight I had called 1-2-3 to play, go it turned slightly different, but the intention was there, I will say. if 21.00 had I 15 pigeons at home so that was a reasonable reassurance . Unlike bitumen king of the flat roof at neighbor, it is useful for latecomers they scattered on a flat roof can take a sip of drink. Namely that increases the likelihood that they can come home. The hope was back on Sunday, I have all told 1 dove in and got this was also injured. She had a scrape on the belly, so it seemed at first. When I was the evening in the loft she sat alone in a corner. I've picked them to look but could not see much more like a big blue scrape. The next morning she was dead in the loft, So there was still more to do if looked from the outside. It's always annoying when a bird dies, especially if you do not have much more about. Tuesday I got a pigeon back, emaciated though but she's home and soon may join the natour. The end result 19 pigeons 17 pigeons whose home 1 dead so on this flight at a loss 3. For the next race I try 13 of 14 play to see if they are ready for this time 1 t/m 3 to play. Only the thought you are already happy. I wish everyone a lot of success with the arrivals. and as an old Dutch saying goes pigeons. “as the kwoai dur bloast the wings is the stert nie for road. I will say again the next time.

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