16 augustus 2017

We are approaching the end of the young bird races. This year has flown a variety of ways to try to lose the youngsters counter . With us is that with a custom flight program even several entry options for diseases or that you can still flow in some later boy. It started later on they go to the north with the youngsters to give the youngsters lose their heads this way. All in all initiatives for the well-being of the youngsters flights. Well of course you can always youngsters lose this part and parcel of the youngsters spelleke. But the question remains in my life where are all these youngsters ????. We now open rings with numbers in it , via internet you using the ring number lookup lovers of pigeon concerned. Through the red book of the NPO are also all lovers ring series. And you can fill in a form which is then emailed to the fans at the NPO site and then you yourself can contact. But how many birds are there now actually given, tell me and write 1 pieces which I picked up in Schijndel. When I read and hear how many youngsters are staying away about 30% and if there 5% of being given the many. Where are the birds now, they all flew from a pole , or from wires or from pasture fences or caught by birds of prey or shot down by hunters or they have lost all sense of direction by radiation rays through the atmosphere, and our pigeons are already in Poland or Romania Well that will or will not come back, I think so. And I do not know if they sit there waiting for our pigeons. They have a very different race seems like you have to believe the Polish solutions. These birds are unloaded from 05.00 s’morgens tot max 06.20 with 40 degrees ,regen, mist, snow storms and further all-weather. I think they follow the trail of the cars of Polish construction workers and so fly away home. And then I ask myself how this is possible , I've once caught a Polish cock , a nice pigeon in hand also as far as my knowledge beyond. But otherwise you rarely hear that Polish pigeons are captured. The pigeon that I picked up was a day before in Rosmalen Schijndel fired crow flies still a 2 km which has flown this pigeon . My question is why are not given more youngsters?? we have gradually tired of every time searching for the enthusiast and call , or want or we can not have several days of water and give it aanvliegers. Or they are not given and passed a few days and released. It remains a bit of a mystery where are our lost youngsters. I keep hoping for a new approach to making the NPO duivelary and thereby get a boost associated fans and the sport will be put up for it on the map. I also believe that existing and will motivate the new fanciers and encourage a new approach improved balance to keep the sport going and companies. And then the last flights not to mention the late tour was canceled i.v.m. the weather conditions!!. The young bird race I again had 11 pigeons, this was postponed to Sunday. The pigeons were liberated at 09.15 release from Peronne (was Reims). If 13.03.59 I clocked the first dove after it still ± 2 min had fiddled around. On the 2nd pigeon was I 30 min wait. Here in the club was the 1st pigeon 12.52 and on the 2nd 13.01 The clock was therefore 13.14 close. With my pigeon I was 4th in the society and also 4th in the 16th circuit in the region and 46th in the division. So a nice early bird. Where I am less happy about was that the 2nd pigeon 30 min did not show up and that my best hen until then was not to home. Luckily I got on Monday after a youngster and Wednesday was absolutely great as was the 266 Weather Sputnik. Some flew off but otherwise looked good. Today had a drilling for the late races this because this race last Sunday had fallen, within half an hour all was again Thuus. This week 2 flights 6th youngsters flight and 1st natourvlucht. We will wait and see what will bring the races I can probably 10 play youngsters and 8 pigeons for natour. Zöls it out now displays the weather gods on our side. And we hope the losses are limited. As my father ever said” If you have lost the victory closer than you think” I love me here to this than. I wish everyone a few nice flights. I will say the next time.

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