16 april 2019

The first race is over, I could not participate unfortunately pigeons. I sat at home glued with a nasty stomach flu Shit boring and I was sick of shit I will say. It was a cold Saturday and why I thought it was not so much that the birds did not participate. As I have already said several times my interest lies not entirely with the Vitesse flights, but that does not mean that I still like them let fly. It is the 2nd year that I play at the new location. I have 11 are yearlings 4 doffers en 7 hens so I have a bit of viegelieren how to play the game. I do not expect that I will play a big role, but hope to have occasional nice result then I would have been very happy. By contrast, I expect the youngsters do a thing. They fly right around house, there are far from healthy, and so far no losses yet. You never know when youngsters, but I am so far very pleased. I have total 36 and I will have to make do with. I hope I keep enough youngsters this year so that I can properly select and fill well in the loft of the old birds, so that I 8 couples can build to fly them. But that's for next season. Now to reality, on the next flight A. S. Saturday. It promises to be a beautiful nice day so the weather will not be . I rejoice therefore have to see the pigeons for the 1st time this season at home. Still a little planning might take a bit away and then they should be able. I'm confident in , I wish everyone good luck with the upcoming flight. I will say again the next time.

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