14 September 2017

Finally!!! The racing season is over , at least it will feel that for some players. For other fanciers flights can not continue long enough. But is there anyway for me. The balance sheet laying out that it was a hit but still fun season I have a 1st flown in the circle once , once a 5th and a 7th prize once. I have some good pigeons lost i.a.. of 776 who has flown a 1st and 5th in the circle, maar ja Thats all in the game. And now it's time for holiday, not that I do not want to fly on holiday season, but our kids are old and (wise ) enough so we can go off the racing season both for the autumn. And then we also have a Fair in the offing. An annual event in the village where I live which has been celebrated since time immemorial early October. I remember I wanted to earn some former fairground money. And that possibility was, in september are de (piepers) ie potatoes harvested and had to be picked. The farmer came s'middag around half four with a tractor and flatbed wagon ride through the village , there you could then jump up and then deposited on the potato field and you could (will pick up beepers) in boxes 20 kg . When you had a full box 25 cent which is a quarter earned one afternoon you could menneke as a year or 12, with a bit of luck 12 pick boxes so you had 3 Gulden per day. Overall it was 5 days so you could pick up 15 guilder muster. My parents doubled the amount of money I had earned so I 30 guilder fair money. At that time cost 3 coins for the bumper cars 2 guilders (a knaak) 10 time shooting in the shooting also cost a knaak. The fair lasted four days from Saturday / m Tuesday, So you had 7 guilders to spend fifty per day. At that time the 7 guilder 50 a day too little and found myself happy my parents. So every day was somewhat supplemented especially if the alcohol a little began to do his job were my parents what generous. It was always a beautiful village festival , 4 days every morning at ten o'clock the band through the village, behind the royal couple with Throne and SchĆ¼tzenvereine all in beautiful clothes. The procession then hit the gunman tent where the flag wavers spent another tribute to the royal couple. At eleven o'clock was the start of the matinee and started playing music and people danced and drank until three o'clock in the afternoon. Then there went home where huge pots of soup and meat and cold dishes were ready to devour with family and friends, again to lay a foundation for the evening. At seven o'clock the evening the tent gunman opened again and had to be stored there instead , There were a few cases of beer put on the table and some glasses and beer mats and a note with the name on it. So everyone knew that the table was reserved. This was usually done by children (also by me ) because that again brought the necessary guilders in making the fair the evening was assured again. It was a fun time where I always a nice feeling to think back. In the present time the band is still running has not really changed much going through the village with the royal couple and the entourage, am also still paid a tribute vendel and plays the music still in the same gunman tent from morning until eleven o'clock the evening seven o'clock. Then everyone has the socks full is something to eat at the chip shop and then gone home to sleep off the intoxication to the next day (fresh) to the starting line. The fair remains an annual event which is still awaited by many village people, young and old , New residents who have been living for years and years in the village . Even villagers who once still moved his times with a fair return to the old nest to keep the memory alive. The village fair remains an experience in itself that thinking time being road. I therefore have great respect for the people's militia and everyone around them that keep alive this phenomenon and keep the nostalgia alive. As my mother sometimes said “A feast is to be celebrated” I will say again until next week (and you could go to a carnival, I wish you much pleasure.)

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