14 October 2016

After a nice holiday begins normal life, Now again a week participated in the labor force. Time flies “before you know it you're old”my mother always said,. The evening is getting dark earlier and you can notice at all that we are in the fall and winter go away. It is the silent pigeon season we say, there are no more wedvluchten. The largest selection is made in your pigeons, here and there will be some pigeons disappear and some birds are added, but by and large are the breeders and racers known for coming season. Here and there are some boarded up and adjustments made to the loft. Furthermore we are busy with meetings of club , regional departments and NPO. In addition, here and there a purse at home or abroad. I like quite a bit cynical in my previous piece wrote about how my wife i.a.. against the sport looks, I myself am convinced that pigeons can only change if we actually change anything. What you see now is that many changes are made to our current CU and thinking about duivelary. As you prove the sport any favors for the future with. The elderly will fall and growth of young returnees will not recover until there is little. in short 2020 , according to various calculations will still max 10.000 members are, it is about 3 year do it again 5 year there are 6.000 membership. I ask myself quite often ask how to proceed. We're all really able to tie the pigeon to do. As it is now it looks like it. I speak regularly with the older fans (with great respect, moreover) among us, and when I listen to it well what to tell these people and have been told in the past. I come to the conclusion that these people are often heard with all their ideas and good intentions about pigeon racing. How sad it is to believe that our strong holders of the NPO management have let absentia in recent years go. How bad is listened to our older fans, fanciers we try to keep in with might and main to the flying members of associations and the like. to maintain. This is to have enough members to inkorvende baskets in your own organization or that you need at national races. But there will also become an adjustment, from 5 to 3 Members of the association may in creels and 7 to 5 members of national flights, so they think that we have solved beautiful again at the NPO.!!!!!!! I am convinced that the sport should be adapted to the standards of the times. and they i.a.. more freedoms and choices in flights allowing you to create family-friendly sports. Finally a whole new set of pigeon racing, and to do so the older members can be a very important factor. Most have been through everything in the sport that people know the ins and outs of how to deal with pigeons, and how this could be incorporated into a modern pigeon. Work with these enthusiasts plan. It would be best that plan will NPO which put the sport a new look at a responsible pace or better yet a whole new suit. A plan in which the current generation of fans may find themselves and where it is attractive for returners and more important for novices to practice the sport. As I write this I am asking myself again what makes it so difficult now to change the sport effectively and adjust to the current time. Is it the commercial interests of a handful of players who can shout the loudest ? or the sporting interests of enthusiasts with the familiar system for years to fly to the top ? . This One 2 Groups fanciers in my goodbye in the minority but are very crucial for the sport. The majority of the average enthusiast who basketing the pigeons every week this 2 groups to make their great results “basket filling so” or as specified by this 2 Groups also have talked about serious and not serious pigeon fanciers. My question is who is the “serious “en wie is de “not serious” lover. Is not serious enthusiast working man who 0.700 am to 17.00 working hours, with a family so do not have much time during the week or to set off on weekends . So by and large also can not deliver weekly top performance, and is pleased with the occasional nice result. I myself think that we “serious enthusiast” should not take so seriously “they do itself”. In any case, being NPO and departments or busy to create a responsible flight program aimed at reducing the losses of the youngsters. So that means, adjustments to the flight program in the hope that we lose fewer youngsters and more opportunities for “serious enthusiast”to set off together and more frequently and for “not serious enthusiast”the possibility of mid africhtingen all still to steps still with great difficulty responding getting the youngsters to flee to join the youngsters. Around the “serious enthusiast” to provide a platform to bring home prices. Hopefully these changes contribute in a positive way to my, we lose less pigeon. Because I think if we lose the fancier , we therefore automatically increasing pigeons lose. Now all as the state of affairs in my loft , I've been around the selection, I had a hen for a cock as so instead of 13 I go with cocks 12 playing cocks. Find it in some cases the youngsters difficult to see if it is a cock or hen. This hen was sitting or in a bin, but was still a lot of fun with a cock, So I caught them in another container with a cock. Further moult goes well with both the young and the old birds. Furthermore, I'm going to do some adjustments and to the loft but next week some more about. Until next week, I say again.

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