14 February 2018

It is today 14 February, a beautiful day where many people wish each other the most loving things. How long existed Valentine? I have been wondering for a few years on Valentine's Day. In England it's always been a tradition that comes from faith, Valentine was and is a patron of lovers and couples. In the Netherlands Valentine just got a sense after WW2. In the 50s made the flower industry in the Netherlands to work on Valentine's Day to make a commercial day of love. Several times has distributed the flower industry flowers in cities to set Valentine's Day seriously on the map. But it remained only marginally that Valentine's Day should be a national holiday. Only since 1990 This day has gained significance also because some people gave the newspapers the ability to place an advertisement in a special Valentine section. It was a great success and a year later were more like 2 million cards and sent packets. for me personally 14 February, a whole beautiful day because this is the anniversary of my parents. My parents got married on 14 February 1953 and Valentine was no sign or road, and I know they have not really suffered. My parents were just in love and had a very nice time together, So to the extent Valentine. The other reality is that we have sold our property subject, at least that is the sign in our yard. We know already almost certain that we will move towards, it is a small village ± 7 km away and the preference for a home is also, So all in all fun and exciting developments. As k wrote before I linked the growers because all dates of move were not clear. I have now are a number of youngsters in those weaned may be a few weeks. I now also the pigeon loft, run, and sold spoetnikken, The sales went quite smoothly. This week the run and spoetnikken retrieved and if the youngsters can go away off the loft. The breeders and racers move to another location, I would still grow from twenty boy to do this year flights to the young pigeons at the new location. Furthermore, it will be a busy year in many areas. As my father ever said “If nothing is impossible, Anything is possible” I will say again the next time

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