13 november 2016

The first few nachtvorstjes we have had, so the kale is on the table again. I see before me how my parents were only the lonely peaks kale still in the vegetable garden, everything was already in the country except those long steal with a wrinkly green leaves at the bottom here and there brownish discolored leaves that were waiting for the first frost, then the kale was at its tastiest and the tops were cut and could kale stew made. Nowadays you can eat kale year round it is at the grocery store in the freezer , and people who have a vegetable garden cut tops and put the kale a few hours in the freezer, the prince also saw over!!!!!. Winter presents itself and slowly enters, we head towards December, the month of presents , excessive eating and also the month of the lights and bright spots. For me the end a time of contemplation of the year. So I leave a bit for myself last year passed the reveu, the nice things but also come the bad things still stop by on my mind. Such as the death of a member of our club , he was only 42 years and was born not sit. I've often wondered myself what can there be so much that you want to live no more, that you can enjoy more of all the beauty around us. I have often thought of those terminally ill and who fight to stay alive and at the end of their rope to surrender themselves. How unfair is that I ask myself, one step to a healthy life and limb in the life , and the other fights with a sick body to stay alive. My mother always said “you can have someone look for the cup, but not in it” and so it is of course also. I think that you have to depend on luck and especially the independence of yourself. I favor as much as possible to draw their own plan without compromising anyone. Within our family this issue is regularly discussed with our daughters (20 in 22 year). They are all large adult girls I am very proud of, and who are at the beginning of great changes in their lives, o.a. boyfriend(s), training, a good job, steps, live by themselves. All these important decisions can be taken if you are yourself ready and you will be happy. I think you should try at all times to challenge yourself. So we as a family decided to put our house in the selling , we have had our house earlier in selling 2014 t/m begin 2016 it would then not as rafts, it was simply not the best time when . The reason we want to sell our house is that we'd be able to walk around the house , a certain degree of freedom I will say, and where it will be now we know not yet . What we have decided is that it should be within an hour of our current workplace. And what is very important to me that I can the sport companies. If you take the decision to sell and go to move your house is not there a timetable at, you never know how quickly sold your house. In your mind you hope, of course, as soon as possible, and for a good price. And there is a little uncertainty around the corner, especially with respect to the duivelary . I will sooner or later will link? or I'll link ? I can still play with the old birds and yearlings? , I'm getting used pigeons? or I'll start with youngsters at the new address?. And where I come I may continue with my old club visit?, or should I become a member of a new association?. And whatever plays I have to make any changes to the loft when I'm moving anyway. These thoughts shoot arranged by my head, but it keeps me not like to follow the same path. It's obviously not there yet but that is our home in the sale and will be sold is a fact, and with that thought I'm the new pigeon season. And then it's just wait and see how quickly will be sold our house and we can look for a new place. Where we can settle down and we can go enjoy what life we ​​will offer again. And as my father often said “saddle one with your own pleasure” he referred to it as much as, do the things that suit you and leave nothing of another dependent. So that's it for this week, the birds moult still beautiful by, a few weeks and the birds are back in the tight suit and ready to breed.??? Enjoy the healthy freezing weather as it occurs!!!! Until next week, I'll say.

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