13 January 2018

We are in the new year and are already hard at work on where we left off. So go work in and around the house just as well by our company. It is a hive of activity within the orders come quickly as before, We can really see that the economy recovers. That seems the case with the sale of our house. Since last week seems to have come all momentum. The potential buyers of our house have a potential buyer for their property. These people also have another potential buyer for their property. And we in turn can now continue as a potential buyer for our new home. So all in all there are selling our house 4 stakeholders. But fact remains that signatures must be put first before anything is final. How different it was back for years, you made an offer on a house you went to the bank that issued a chord and then you put a signature. It did not much matter if you had had a bridging loan and you could use or not bought your own home. since January 2018 you up 100 percent so lend you buy a house 2 ton you can even 2 borrow tons. The money for the cost copper is ± 10 percent of the purchase price will have to pay from their own resources. So it's not getting any easier. But I think people consciously buy a home and therefore less likely to get into financial trouble. For people who can sell their own home is a lot easier, then a bunch of starting. Young people who want a home purchase will first have saved considerable costs for copper and additionally fund the interior of the house. We encounter this now firsthand our youngest daughter and her boyfriend to look around and inquire to buy a house. In turn, we are also doing it. When you hear the differences and see how banks approach their staff potential customers, I still have the idea, they have learned nothing from the past years. What arrogance and complacency, they know n.l. you are dependent on a loan to buy a house and so they act. And so it is with brokers who think God is their right and behave themselves. These people are not there for you no who are there only for themselves. Opstrijkers commission as a seller lowers the asking price by ten thousand euros on the advice of ” The supreme Broker” save that fee for this kwibus between one hundred and one hundred fifty euro. So on balance a concern for the seller ± 99 % and for the broker ± 1% kwibus but it does have almost 1oo % percent owned how is selling you and my house. Well I wanted my displeasure as purging, Again talk about the duivelary. Now selling our house is coming I'm obviously completely in doubt, o.a. by when the buyers want in our home and I can can I get some flights take part, or I need to grow more youngsters. Everything is now a bit in question and that is very unpleasant because you do not know where you're off it. I hope at least that I can start again soon on my next home address with the duivelary and that is a challenge. And as my father ever said “Uncertainty is a certainty. I will say again the next time.

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