12 november 2017

I say “spiegel” it was a statement of an architectural interior designer ( BBA as he called himself) and watched a few minutes around the table very touching and interesting, waiting for our response. In this way he showed once again notice that he thought there was no proper name invented for his qualities, So he had to attend (focusing on provisional) but architectural interior designer (BBA) made. We have within us to do business regularly with planners and interior designers and are generally people who see their ideas like reality. In some cases, the trouble begins with the idea and continues to the drawing board. This proposal is then filed with the client and spread by all means on display. I saw all the sketchbooks in this presentation come later supplemented by color animations on a large screen and a little later discussed some other color proposals on laptop, namely the client. (these are the people who will pay this entire event). these clients were the (provisional BBA) for the entire building committee put a total fool and laughed affectionately. The client had left it to go over them and felt himself a little silly. After a presentation that lasted more than two hours went towards the BBA (office he called) and left us with a tablet and the task once again to think carefully how we were going to accomplish his plans. I had never experienced such a terrible minced arrogant ball. Was he gone but the penetrating scent of his perfume filled the room and was stuck in my nostrils. I gently asked the principal if they could find themselves in the plans of the BBA . We want to see everything again quietly and let it sink he said. I saw his wife still sitting at the table and it was clear from her apropos I approached her and asked if she was happy with the plans of the BBA. She looked at me and asked,, What he meant to say I “spiegel”. I could not resist saying. I think he feels he even have to look in the mirror and wonder what he's doing. She nodded and said I think too, back there, she immediately told that a friend of her tennis this (idiot) had advised BBA, and this was very enthusiastic about. I asked have you seen what the BBA has made it, no they said, next week we have an invitation to (housewarming) so we can see what the BBA has made it. Anyway a week later after the (housewarming ) we had the entire construction team another appointment with these people to discuss plans. When I came home I smoke all our BBA was, and even worse, I heard him say again “I say mirror”. The female principal was well prepared and started it to say, I say coffee” and her husband said, and I say. I did not stay behind and said cautiously “I say creamer” there was a bit uncomfortable laughter and BBA sat there like a farmer with toothache. When the first cup of coffee had been shaken crossed the female principal of shore and said “I say worthless” and watched while very penetrating the round table. Her eyes remained thereby drawn to the BBA that began to feel distinctly uncomfortable. Then she said “I say nonsense” weather around the table looking around then she said “I say hot air”. For everyone at the table it is clear that the BBA was passé. In further consultations, the BBA was clearly ignored and the new plans were discussed I do have to mention fairness that the color combinations is almost entirely taken over by the BBA. Namely the colors light and dark because there he worked, he told them!!!!!!. All in all it's been a great project with a stunning result with the only added value of the BBA that customers clearly knew what they “not wanted”. And that is just as important to know. And so it is with the duivelary , it is important to know what you do not want and then you can enjoy the sport as it fits into your life. I also own big ambitions in the sport, I went more for the quantity. I soon 2 there are pens with culture, fly boy and departments. I thought if I have enough pigeons come quickly to good pigeons and hence results. Nothing is less true, the number of birds that can take good care and maintenance depends on the time you have. But in the enthusiasm you forget that sometimes and even if that was the case with me. I have a loft with 3 departments and outside racing that I can conclude. During the winter I use one department for culture that I can 8 house breeding pairs, is also the youngsters department I can ± 20 pigeons lose . In the third section are the racing cocks and I can 8 housing pigeons. Outside I have an aluminum stand where I run in every department 6 up to 8 Pigeons can place in this run, I usually put the breeders after the breeding season. I then in the loft culture department cleared and there get caught the racing hens. The loft of the fly cocks and hens look the same to say, after the coupling of the kites, the hens to know exactly in which they have to bake which in turn is useful in the misvliegen and trapping of the hens. So I have the maximum 50 on 60 pigeons more as sufficient for the time I can and wants stabbing it. Thus, the sport remains for me a great challenge and welcome change from my daily work. “I say mirror” if you do look regularly learn a lot about yourself. As my father ever said “afterwards you can look a cow in the ass” or as if there is sometimes said “afterwards everything is easy” which my pigeons mate Tonnie then says “but afterwards live is beautiful” I will say again the next time.


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