12 May 2019

I have received many comments on my previous post on my site about the club love. There were reactions that asked who the people were!!, also comments that they had experienced something like the same experience. But most of the reaction was surely the fact that one is surprised about the fact that there still roam lovers who are not concerned with the interests of the sport. And be it in a club or regional or national level. Although the number of members each year decreases rapidly there will always be people who just do it for their own gain and glory. And now we all hope that the new plan in which 2021 presented a change will cause. I help you with hope, in my goodbye is a noble pursuit. The pilots now taking place in New Zealand with a new GPS clocking system, which is now claimed and spoken about in the corridors that will replace the existing recording systems. My thought is like that actually happen, existing systems hit nothing worth. Provided that a trade action comes but I have read nothing about. And the cost issue, how many members we think 2021 yet actually have. The less members the higher costs, it is the principle of supply and demand. Also, it may be recruited not yet quite clear to me how to get more members and what the expectations thereof. Overall a cautionary note, but that does not mean that I am an opponent. No far from it all. There will be something to be done and I hope that the plan 2021 the prelude to a beautiful and better pigeon will in all its facets. But you do change the mentality of the loner, selfish, the individualist with. I do not think so, antisocial behavior within an association, or these players will continue to show at what level. There is still a lot of work to do, which I hope is not in vain all the work. Now back to the last flight. Since last Monday the breeding cocks definitively linked to the hens. It was pretty easy the cocks have experience and that is handy at all yearling hens. I was the last time a bit too optimistic that the hens could have made their 1st egg. This week could adjust that matter more to reality. So I want this week just look at what is feasible in terms of 2nd middle distance race. If the hens are about to make, I would rather not play for sure because the yearling hens that still need to learn the game. But it remains to be seen. Now just the flight I had 6 hens with the 1st middle distance race , the pigeons are released to 11.45 with NW wind later turning to N-NO so a tough vluchtje. I had estimated that the pigeons ± 4 1/2 would fly over and patted reasonable. Except “you understand all “not with me, I clocked the first pigeon to 16.58 almost three minutes later, although this time was still a tail low price. So it indicated that it was a tough flight. But what worried me more concerned was the fact that I refuse to pass 2 pigeons had home. I could see the pigeons not go home because I had to take off our daughter to Schiphol. During the return trip haunted it anyway through your head if there already are more pigeons at home. Finally arrived home straight to the loft and luckily they were all within the six 4 latecomers were waiting for the door to their cocks in the propagator. Now back to work for the next flight, I hope they will put the beginning of the week and mid 2nd egg. Good thing I do not get yourself in hand. I will say again the next time.

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