12 February 2019

The first frost has been introduced 2 nights each other moderate frost. Many fanciers who have already started with breeding, holding their breath. So I , I had the Christmas the cocks and hens put together with the intention to link them free. You yourself have an idea beforehand what birds you see as ideal couples. But if you choose a free link to find the partners together and the choice casual. Much has been said and written about what 's best, one swears by free coupling because the pigeons would experience less stress. A free link usually gives less to worry because the birds more easily find their own broedbak. The other swears assemblies couples with yourself this because you can put the dream couples together. You have more links in the hand and line breeding is must that you put the right pigeons together. It gives some more work because the pigeons in some instances in another must broedbak, so you can better the couples and to release to avoid battles and in the broedbak. Then you also have breeding stallion( one cock with a plurality of hens) but I have never done. Of the 7 breeding pairs are 4 couples that I previously had itself provided and couples, the other 3 couples can I have peace because it is a surprise but in itself. The first round of eggs will hatch in a period of about 5 days 28 January 2 February. Except 1 torque which is a hen (the o24) I myself have bred from a son of the champion middle distance x is a subsidiary of The Chief of the Comb. Beverdam. This hen is now 10 years old and is the favorite in the loft I have not really grown and they've generally used as feeder to the youngsters. Of 024 Dove is not easy to connect but that year it went very smoothly and they had inside 7 days is the 1st egg, They attached to the 707 a beautiful cock of mold (Mart Fields of Velp) This cock has its value as racing cock certainly proved, as you can see on the picture is in the gallery on this site. Partly because the 024 10 years old and the 2nd egg 4 Days later placed as the 1st egg I decided to remove the 2nd egg and replacing it with an artificial egg. Today, the egg hatched and she sits like a queen on the broedbak . I hope of course that it is a top pigeon but that will have to indicate the future. And as a friend of mine ever says “I started with nothing, and I still it remains the most”. I will say again the next time.

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