11 October 2019

Holidays! I was really ready!!! I hear sometimes that around around me. People often live for a holiday, and the closer the holidays get, the more tired you become. When finally the holiday has come there sometimes got in the car. And gas on the lollipop to drive 12oo kilometers of a tug (liefts even with a caravan in tow) to be just as fast as possible to their destination. Gosh what I'm tired!!!! you hear them cry. Does your crazy? I think one professional driver has to 7 hour or so take a break and the woman / man with the luxury car and caravan coats at a stretch. I like going on vacation always those moments of stress whether you bike, car or plane is the remains stress. For me, the holiday really begins when I'm at the place of destination, I unpacked the suitcases, the bed have tested and then a drink with it. Only then begin enjoying real and you can get the holiday feeling of everything and does nothing. Unless there is my wife who has read all the brochures and nearly a schedule for the whole week we have made to. The holiday feeling is sometimes quite a challenge to adjust the schedule a bit but then takes over the stress. Of course my wife right when she says that we are going to see everything just the pace of it we still sometimes disagree. We go for several years as a couple (our daughters 23 in 25 will not count) They have their own planning and a good thing. It is also handy to fit than the cats and our dog, they watch the pigeons (not totally unimportant) and the house. Although we girls like to have around us is also a nice feeling that they guard the fort. My pigeons mate Tonnie goes every day to check on the pigeons that there are no crazy things. And now we are talking about the pigeons. I've had a lot of fun racing season especially with the youngsters. The only blemish is to be the losses of the youngsters. I was with 37 youngsters started and am with 18 finished. But the youngsters I've flown it more than well done and I am very satisfied. Also, for the addition is that fine. As it now looks like I ± 7 a 8 cocks and hens rest. I am particularly pleased with the number of cocks. (In 2018 had I 12 youngsters about which 3 cocks.) So for next year is my loft terms of cocks stuffed. With a little luck I 8 cages filled with cocks that I can attach to pretty young hens. This way I want to play on double widowhood. I want to 2020 my yearlings still leave more funds than last year because it was not in terms of performance “je seven”. Patience store that's the main thing I'm a loft under construction. Two years ago, started again in a new location and also during a mega renovation. End 2019 and beginning 2020 is tackling the backyard planning so there is a lot of work to do. I hope these have a long waiting before the racing season starts. I write this from my holiday address on Madeira where it's lovely weather 25 degrees nice sunshine. I was just told that I should hurry up a bit. Today the funicular to planning to fly down after the Toboggan. A kind of woven cane sleigh, where you whiz down a hallway murder. So I'm curious. Tonight also runs the sales receipts of Knec off on duivennet. Still a nice initiative and for the fans. I will say again the next time. And as they say in Madeira “HAVE A NICE DAY” which means a very happy day to you.

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