11 March 2019

The last update I wrote that the youngsters for the first time had separate . Meanwhile I 31 ringed youngsters and have 27 dropped off. Of this 27 it fly 20 many nice around the house, but because I have some youngsters have put in I feel that this is at the expense of flying the rest. I noticed that when I youngsters side we still have to sit a few older inside or on the valve. So I'll just have some patience!!!. The older boy have been nice to throw down so they look do not really neat. Last week I was at 'noon home, it was about an hour or 4 when my daughter noticed that something flew past the house and fell to the ground. while she said that she immediately looked outside and saw no more 2 meters away from our house a peregrine falcon sitting on top of a youngster. The Valkje sat with wings all across the youngster, I saw when I walked out. At one meter distance came the peregrine falcon with youngster made his way to the youngster himself completely disoriented leaving. I walked to the bird but walked away and then flew on to the valve immediately fly to the loft and immediately inside. S’ night I have looked at whether pigeons what was wrong but could not see anything going on, the following days the pigeons monitored but have nothing to brands. So the birds have passed the first test. I hope there are no more follow terms of prey because it remains always a shame to lose birds this way. We are already in March and a week or 5 Vitesse started the first flights. For me, these are not as important as the Vitesse is not my game. But of course it is a nice prelude to start the season. I hope this year to do some great times along with the old birds . As for the boy, I try 2018 to match or even improve. But that will take effe. I will say again the next time.

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