All winners congratulations on this great victory in this difficult flight.

After the debacle of the 1st youngsters drilling , in total I 20 youngsters back from this flight a loss 19 stuks op de 1e serieuze africhting . There are several pigeons reported Franeker , Sneek , Emmen, Zwolle, Zierikzee and Oijen. Almost sit by the country's birds and not only mine with other enthusiasts losses were enormous. I 1 youngster picked up today in Oijen lying about 15 km of unloading the Rosmalen 777 love this hen eye(I hope). Whether you like it or not as dramatic 1st drilling of the youngsters still has its influence on the rest of the week. Every day when you wake up or come home so look for the valve or youngsters fulfilled. But soon you must go back to the reality of the day n.l. Preparations for the upcoming flight(in) the program was the 3rd one-day flight that would be gone from Bourges but that was i.v.m weather forecasts opposition to Blois where the weather would be favorable to solve. The pigeons on the Saturday then discharged from Blois to 07.30 a beautiful early release, the pigeons had a good departure so nothing stood in the way of getting around an hour or 15.00 the pigeons waiting. I called around 14.00 even with my pigeons mate Tonnie while I was on the phone started to rain , Tonnie still said I hope it's a little rain. Maar niks was minder waar het is gaan regenen en ‘s avonds rond 19.30 it ceased. In the meantime, the pigeons had to arrive so the rest of the entire fly line rained and because the pigeons had to get through. After last Sunday's you again do not expect a disaster flight, but hey what else you are powerless and can only wait. Tijdens het wachten heb ik wel een paar keer afgevraagd wat nou zo leuk is aan de duivelarij ??. And yet when the first pigeon falls on the door and piss and piss wet enters the gate of Sputnik to go to his hen. I can only say that despite everything is a wonderful sport that can often surprise . Now go back to the run in the 1st Circuit pigeon was to 15.12 1st pigeon clocked in our association was on 16.19.21 and was listed on the neighbor 100 m down the street. The 2nd and 3rd pigeon were coming from my loft and were respectively 16.34.35 in 16.42.40 that was a yearling the (868) I do more often played well as a yearling. in of (555) a dove 2012 die al verschillende prijsjes bij elkaar heeft gevlogen in zijn carrière en die eind van dit seizoen dan ook naar het kweekhok gaat. The Circle was my pigeons 19th and 29th so all in all, I can still be happy. Verder had ik ‘s avonds 5 of the 6 pigeons home and this morning was no 6 in the trap.

In the middle distance race I had with the late young again (897) I had this one week left home because he had come home wounded. I thought it'd need a week of rest. So the flight of Laon weather was a welcome change for this pigeon. He was good at, and he defended his fry as usual. The birds are unloaded on Saturday afternoon to 12.4o from Laon. I had expected the pigeons 1st round 16.30 could fall and that was the case in our association 1st pigeon fell 16.31 and also pigeon was 1st in the loop region and a great performance again. My dove (897) was on the flight day not at home, and strangely enough I am as much concerned about because I have great confidence in this pigeon. This morning care to the birds I heard the rattle trengels the door and I knew he was there. And yes confident he dived to jail where was waiting for his hen. Wonderful to see and it makes you all the misery of the previous week forgotten. The sport works very relaxing for me, you care about livestock which all have their own character and therefore try to get them motivated. We have another week to get the pigeons on the ride. NEXT WEEK AND THE YOUNGSTERS FIRST FLIGHT I look forward to it.!!!!!!!!! Are you going to tame this week I wish everyone good luck. Until next week again ( I hope everyone on beautiful flights)

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