10 June 2019

almost at Pentecost has ended. I find it nice long weekend, certain at this time the young bird races are fast approaching. And if the weather is still a bit of luck is all it took. Especially for the training of the youngsters, because in this period we are now. I find this the least fun period of the youngsters. Eclipsing, pigeons catch do in the basket, bringing for drilling, and that 2 a 3 times a week. And every time you sit back to wait if they come home with buttocks squeezed together and how!!!!!. For me it is just as gone wrong in many other several times during priming. So I'm more careful with the training. start with small distances and build the next flight, every time a few kilometers away. The downside is that you have to bring the pigeons away more often and (benefit) I hope that at least, During this short africhtingen I forfeit less pigeons!!!!!!. I have the wisdom not to lease, but you try something and hope that you found it. Up to now, it is in any case going well (I immediately knocked on rough wood) because you do not ask the gods. I have now the pigeons 5 once trained and are now on 10 km, in comparison with other years I was after 5 times already at minimal 30 km. I take them off every time an old travel basket, as same trip basket I also stand the young pigeon loft I throw while carrying a hand feed and hang there with water bowls. I hope this all of which help the youngsters will soon experience less stress during the holidays and more importantly they know how to find the cisterns in the travel basket. So all in all a chore to the youngsters good and healthy to get the start. Now smoothness on flights last weekend. I had 4 hens with the one-day and 2 hens ( a wounded and terugkomer ) the Vitesse. I did lights for clock 1 hen of the one-day home 15.43.55 what was good for a 15th place in the club but no significant role in the circle. I had a wounded on the Vitesse and a hen who came back after a year in the loft. This latter I had the clock face just before the clock lights 16.48.31 the other around 18.00 hour. It was a very fast (SW wind 5 up to 6) flight at high speeds ( the highest rate ever recorded 143.26 km) 0nvoorstelbaar. I 5 of the 6 hens at home, I want to play next weekend at a middle distance race. So again plenty of work to do and continue to hope for a good result. I wish everyone good luck with buggy and prepare the birds for the next flight. I will say again the next time.

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