10 July 2017

We are 3 flee further and the weekend is over. you know that statement was again 3 x nothing. Well this decision was applicable to me this weekend. We write Saturday 08 July 2017 Our eldest daughter is 23 become years and there were few people visiting . We sat outside lovely to talk to the coffee and cake cozy about anything and everything. It was around one o'clock 12 and I expected the youngsters and middle distance pigeons at this time. Many fanciers will recognize this if the probability is that pigeons can not get really quiet on the chair and sit cozy chat. The eyes do wander off again and you're back to looking at the sky or you already have a small dot or something similar sees a dove. My wife says very drawn to the business that there is nothing to me as pigeons have come home and I still nervous but is staring at the sky and paces. I then laughed a bit, my daughter is doing well even further by saying that they call me nowadays Peedy Pigeon, and again there is laughter. It is now a few more minutes and then I see the first pigeon is one of the middle distance, he flies first a few laps down probably for the birthday of my daughter and land on 12.03 on the valve. This time I came for no result. Less than a minute later, the circus of the youngsters begins come 2 together (After the misery of the peregrine is still coming in a little thing) Anyway this fly that is pleasing to the eye, and after 5 min they land on the roof of the neighbor as they sit for a few minutes and then fly to a flat roof to drink. I chase them away so they have a couple of them flying in circles and eventually falls on the 1st valve. then it is 12.10 and they therefore have a number seven minutes fiddled around. 2nd course on 12.12 over the antenna, and then there are still one piece or 5 who play the same as the first escapades 2 pigeons. Fortunately there is one pigeon middle distance and this attracts a threesome with boy . Anyway in 20 minutes I had 8 of the 12 boy inside and an hour was all Thuus . Then we had the one day from Bourges I had 4 on it. Well I must admit that I was on this flight did not have much faith in a good outcome. It is a year not much on the one day so the only thing you do is hope for an outlier. But this time it did not again. The first dove into the circle fell 14.45 and I had the first one on 15.43 (The final number is good but the start number not let me speak.) was this pigeon 73 e thus also no significant role in the circle. And as I said in the beginning everything was so wrote 3 time nothing, nothing , nothing, Nothing. But our daughter's birthday and she had a great day and fun things ahead with her friends and is still important as 3 sightseeing flights where you play any significant role. After the clock lights, I went to church, I see the church you think yes indeed to church. Not to confess or make a prayer not going in my case not help I fear. I was there because my wife is in a choir and have 2 weeks participated in a performance that was about a possible flood was an ambitious thing, and Saturday was the last day and were family and friends come to see a show. It is all played in the church which still has a nice entourage in terms of place and sound natural. It was beautifully sung by the choir and beautifully played by the local brass band and the actors of the local theater group all played a major role. So overall a great experience and nice to have seen. My wife had this evening 4 x a show so I drove home on the scooter , the wind a little around you fluttering sound of the scooter which sings about. At home I had to 1 Dove have the middle distance. And that is there to this day still do not today, I find that unfortunate because this pigeon was playing a 1st in the circle on the 1st middle distance race. Well that's pigeon fancier and each will probably experience a time. But as my mother always said, “You can no more time stabbing at something you do not, but what you do have” . Until next time I will again say.

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