1 July 2019

Where do I start, I'm asking myself. On the one hand I had a nice flight with the old hens and on the other a debacle with the youngsters. First the good news, Saturday flight Morlincourt 4 hens, and the association 3 awards a 6th-20th and 24th. For me and my hens a great achievement. the 6th pigeon in the association was 52 in the circuit of ± 750 pigeons. These results offer a perspective for the next flight, but not like that. A little afterglow in the clubhouse of the rash and a drink, get flight still debriefed and forged plans for the next flight. Similarly, last Saturday, I spoke with a table mate was about the youngsters and I wanted to bring them more time off to focus on. He had the same idea so together we came to the conclusion to Sunday morning for an hour or 7.00 way to ride the youngsters for a africhtings race of ± 35 km. No sooner said than done, Sunday morning 6.00 hours got up and quietly did the youngsters in the basket. Still to freak out watching it a faint west wind with some scattered clouds . In the car on the way to my fellow companion looked really wrong out. Once there a moment deliberated and we both saw it sit nicely drilling vluchtje for the youngsters and a prelude to the training flight next Tuesday. In the car a little chat about the birds and the results of the old bird race, we decided to stop at a gas station for a cup of coffee. Moments later we got into the car to drive the last stretch to the intended unloading. Arrived at the unloading had a look at the sky and, we did it happen. The baskets were removed from the car and put firmly set, the last sip of coffee worked in and we were ready for discharge. The valves were loose and the pigeons were clearly defined in a few seconds they were all nice together and looked up in the air to the right direction. So Far So good . During the restoration of the baskets in the car had a look and saw them flying as a couple and looking for the right direction. As you drive towards the house we were still on the always exciting, a drilling with youngsters. We were again fairly quickly address my fellow(companion) We wished each other success and even talked that we would keep each other informed. Along driving towards my house I got a appje that he had been nothing. When you walk home myself arrived first to the loft and I also saw nothing I appte immediately. Anyway we had the boy 8.00 unloaded and to 9.08 came the first pigeon and then to 10.00 hour 3 pieces. And when it remained studiously silent. My youngsters measure had all told 1 this time. So we came over a very unpleasant feeling that could give this drilling vluchtje sometimes a very unpleasant aftertaste. Now The Day After laying out the balance I have 18 of the 35 stand in the clock so I'm thick over half. My companion had 14 of the 25 the clock and that's really thick over half. As I wrote in previous pieces, I think youngsters flights the most flights, the only way to it is often fun but sometimes quite annoying. We are now hoping again that there are still found as far as possible the way home. So we have this we can cram again for the upcoming flights. Those who are now coming home have learned enough to say I will mar. I want as much as possible on the young bird races playing and the pigeons are not ready to be able to join natour. And as my mother ever said ” Who is not at home, I also have to take this into account. And so it is also. On to the next flight. I wish everyone a lot of success and I will say again the next time.

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