09 december 2017

The first snowflakes are floated down over our country, and they remain Also. When I woke up this morning and looked out the window I saw a beautiful white blanket on the streets, trees, shrubs and roofs are. It was early and it was still dark, but the light from the streetlamps betrayed that it had snowed. The white light reflected from the white blanket of snow making it look brighter and you get those beautiful winter pictures. It is always a special phenomenon that such scenes evokes a feeling of coziness and harmony, especially in the dark. This feeling I went to the coffee machine for a delicious fresh coffee kopjen( so Swiebertje spoke that out) to make. The coffee I walked in hand into the living room and turned on the TV. The TV automatically jump to Ned 1, and immediately I was confronted with the downside of that beautiful white blanket that descended on our country . I saw truck combinations were grouped , passenger cars in verges and ditches are still with the interior. I was one car in the ditch with emergency lights still on, I think the owner was afraid to have a collision with a big pike or a whopper of a carp or someone who practices winter wonderland ditch snorkeling.(yeah you never know hey) When I see these pictures was on TV I began to ask myself whether it would be useful to go on the road today. I had to make some customers to discuss colors(Saturday a real job) I also wanted to Rosmalen because there is this weekend's National Manifestation for pigeon-loving Netherlands. Not to mention many people from neighboring countries coming with full buses on this pigeon fair. All these people will visit this international pigeon fair weather, to return home with full pockets and an empty wallet. Hoping that they have found the means by which the pigeons will fall faster on the cover. Also a lot of pigeon fanciers who will again if they come home with the loot say they 100 have issued euro but in reality is usually double. I think there are told so many untruths in any sport on the home front, then in the pigeon.(and fishing is part of that) These are the temptations of a good pigeon a poedertje drink some potion that can not withstand the inveterate fancier and would give money to from , Everything for the fastest time!!!!. They are called scholarship offers that people often tie to do. A few weeks before the exhibition you will already bombarded in pigeon magazines and on the internet with various deals pigeons things that are a must on any loft, they want us to believe at least. So is bought en masse and all for the best result of the upcoming new season. Since his return is duivelary !!! would you do if you walk around the exhibition not say. It is always a hive of activity, you can almost walk on the heads. I can not even imagine that there will come a time where there is no place for the sport and that it will disappear completely. I really hope we get it in the next few years managed to give the sport a positive image. And can be adapted to the standards and values ​​of the current time. Making it attractive for beginners and returners to this beautiful sport companies. As my father ever said “Any change is no improvement, but changes are necessary in order to get better. I will say again the next time.

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