08 augustus 2017

They are pretty busy, africhtingen the pigeons natour , the young bird races are therefore still in progress altogether it gives back a lot of crowds. Last we had a discussion on the late tour in the club. I call natour flee disguised youngsters and by that I mean that there are many enthusiasts play the youngsters on the late tour and there are fewer and fewer youngsters played on the young bird races. My opinion is to keep the youngsters played on the late tour outside the competition. (invliegers if you want to call it that) I think you at least this way not encourages young to play on the late tour. I also think you have enough boarding facilities with the youngsters program to join yet in the event of illness or some later boy. For all late boy you would like this (test pilot can make do with the natour. What I understood from the earlier natourvluchten were often intended for widow-hens, who had all season on the cock are waiting. This way you also learned if you have good hens had been sitting in the loft. Today the hens game is just as important as the game became a widower and there are already many lovers with hens top results. So the late tour is less need to test hens. But for lovers of us who have too little time to play double widowhood or have too little space, natour remains a welcome addition. Today there was a drilling fleeing the late tour was gone from Geel. The pigeons are to 07.40 released so far nothing wrong. Another region solved in Hapert which lie on the same line and fly this flight was not released initially due to heavy rain. This will raise questions among enthusiasts today have all day waiting to see their birds home. I only had some perennial cocks and hens with . If 09.20 was with me the first male on the cover of 09.32 2nd and 09.48 3e. On 4th pigeon I certainly thick sit for an hour and wait for the 5th and 6th as. Anyway 11.55 was the last pigeon on the valve. Everything at home but there is also everything it said, I was immediately think of the fans who were mostly young inexperienced pigeons on the 2nd drilling. The messages I have been heard so far, there are many youngsters away. I hope for the fans and pigeon they found their way back home to know despite the bad weather this afternoon, because that is often a bummer at all. And the idea that one would lose fewer youngsters on the late tour is in my greatly exaggerated, and not just because today was a lesser flight. And I am also of the opinion that the youngsters played in the late races have less mileage and less taught, and that the losses in the new season also are higher among the young than among the late early youngsters who have participated every young bird races in the previous season. This weekend we have 2 Flights 5th young bird race and 1st natourvlucht. I hope again and some nice flights last weekend was not bad I 266 weather ahead in the 15th and 22nd union in the circle really a good hen. I hope she does have a few nice sightseeing flights over its best can still create something fun. But I'm hoping again and as my mother ever said “The wish is father to the thought” I will say again the next time.

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