08 april 2018

As I told you last time it is not easy to write a weekly piece. We n.l. 29 March bought our new house and there is a lot of work. The demolition work we do ourselves and must for 1 May, ready for the builders started. It is a major undertaking and I go every night from my work directly to our new home. Since I work showering until half past nine and then go home and eat even do a little bit of administration, and then have a drink and go to bed. It is quite an undertaking, but the prospects are good hope 1 November in pulling into our new house. There is already finished part which is (How could it be different) the loft. Last week they put the loft tis a box of 6 mtr met 4 departments, the largest is the two smaller ones for the youngsters for the growers and 8 widowers. The entrance hall is also the hens stay. We put there a duivinnenbak where twenty hens can. So the rooms are all well used. I have some couples at a different location to sit where I am involved in the cultivation. There are now 16 pigeons ringed, This week I have a lot of 6 rings so I then 22 youngsters of my own pigeons which I flee the youngsters this year can fly, my birds mate Tonnie also has a lot of 7 pigeons bred for me. So in total I'm going to start the season with thirty youngsters pigeons. It is altogether a busy business day our own business , the pigeons provide a location approximately 10 km from home and the evening Bob the Builder hang. But it's all for charity I will say. I am now in the middle of keukenlarij my other half wants to know because the right level for the new kitchen, but I can not give exact because there are walls to be demolished which may affect the dimensions of the kitchen. So tie also a chore to arrange to everyone's satisfaction. And as my father ever said “It is a very gewip, Before you grandfather. That's how it is. Until next time I will again say.

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