07 September 2017

The racing season is almost over yet 1 vluchtje on the late tour and then we can prepare for the breeding season. My thoughts go to go back to the beginning of the season. We had (and have) our home for sale, and the doubt was whether I could finish this racing season from my current location. This doubt was afterwards unnecessary, the past year has been several times interest but until a final sale is not yet come. So the question arises again I have to start on the growing season and again I do the same as last season that does not grow yourself buy some youngsters with other enthusiasts. I've been thinking about frequently during the past six months and still find it a pity that I did not have youngsters of myself . Especially since I think I've been quite fun birds to breed out boy. Ultimately, I think if you do not birds from your flocks are still a little bit of a lost season. This is nothing to the detriment of the pigeons that I got from i.a.. Gerard Bovenkamp. Of the 7 boy I got Gerard I think I inherited a few useful pigeons. On my loft I are already several pigeons from Gerard so these are therefore a welcome addition to my pigeons. But it is true that we have our house is still for sale, and my wife is firmly convinced that we will sell it. So I go with the duivelary again facing an uncertain time, for me there can be clarified as soon as possible about our relocation plans. We already have some properties in mind and if you look at the houses photographs denotes secretly eyeing the possibilities or you can keep pigeons. Whether the garden is large enough or you may well put the loft or perhaps are other ways to keep pigeons in a loft of a barn or garage. It remains at least a challenge to the idea of ​​moving to another house in another area , with all other areas that you can go back to directing your own way and needs. and as my father ever said “you can drop over a bed but if you do not care a wink” Yet a moment on the last flight I had a 12th ranking in the association on the flight from Vervins and I was, pay attention!!!! 155 in the circle so you do not really consider that I have done it for the price. I did have 3 youngsters ahead, but that's partly because the old birds are too far in the moulting and 3 of 4 are old pens. But I do not really use it as an excuse , it just was not much. This week again the opportunity to prepare optimally again the pigeons on the last race again “hard to strike” The last flight is gone from Laon I play some kid and 2 old hens . I wish everybody a nice flight. As my mother sometimes said “a start you can do it differently at each end again follows” I will say again the next time.

It is the last day of August, the end of summer draws near apace . The days are noticeably shorter, After a hot day the cool evening and night all off faster. The end of a summer season where I always eagerly look forward to the beginning of the year. Partly because as a painter in the summer you are most of the work and partly because it is a beautiful time of year. Life moves more from the inside out, sit out, food and drink or laze in the sun. I often think back to the time when I was a year or 14 was. You had 6 weeks summer holidays and at our home we never really went on holiday , yes sometimes a day somewhere. Yet I have never bored me, We lived near a brick factory and dredging who conducted the brickyard to obtain clay for brick production, there arose the so-called. bagger gate, crystal clear water where you could swim and fish. The whole village from large to small and from old to young went there recreate. It was for us a waterpark, we could build rafts of depleted oil and grease barrels evening were first burnt to use the next day. All materials were at hand to build a raft of good to that later along the water with float around. It was a pretty carefree time where you actually had the holiday spirit , towel in the sand with a bottle of lemonade or Exota we then laid flat on the side of the water so that the drink would be a little cool. Usually had a man or a transistor radio with him where you almost had to lie on your ear to hear the music. Unless it's a bit windy than you were hovering in the sun and the music than on the waves of the wind, Sometimes you got a bit of noise, and then the weather was almost gone. I remember when you were intently listening to hear what song it was. When we years 16 were weeknight supper we went too after a sweltering day at the water we took a fishing rod, and a few bottles of beer. Usually someone had known tobacco or cigarettes and then delicious with a campfire to sit until midnight. I still see it before me and sometimes that feeling you sometimes a dejavu and still come back sometimes ,I want that feeling then stick but it is usually a fraction of a few seconds and then that feeling is gone again. They are beautiful Memories of a beautiful time where I like to think back. As I end the zomerzeisoen wrote approaching in the beginning and also the pigeon season is that the case. I would like to briefly return to the races last week, we had the last young bird race I again played no role. In the classification of the youngsters I am 5th in the designated circle. And further on the late tour was not very impressive. this week sees the 3rd natourvlucht. I play some old pigeons are still reasonable in the spring and I also play a few youngsters. The boy sit better in the spring as the old birds so who knows there is still a little in verrassingkje. And as my father ever said “if the pressure of the boiler is no longer as loud whistle” I will say again the next time.



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