05 October 2016

I write this from a sunlit” Ellenz”, a town on the Mosel in Germany. Spend a week's holiday and just as befits a pigeon outside the “pigeon season”. Naturally offseason for another option you as a fancier hardly!!!!!!!!!!!. No you yourself say!!!, a vacation in the pigeon season. The sun high in the sky, wonderful temperatures, cozy beaches, Other festivities, terraces. No none of this, scratch, to clean, tame, tag, drinking bowls excesses(is also with flowing water), Clean feeders. And then basketing wonderfully cozy with the men in the pigeon club until ten o'clock at night and then the cap and 12 shorts in the direction of housing. At home is the food ready to heat up in the microwave, you can only eat the delicious. Because your wife and children to the anniversary of your mother!!!! Want ja, you could not go because “pigeons hey” because that is a lot more important. After dinner take a shower and have a beer, By that time comes the missus home and asked if it was pleasant to the club?. So what if Peter had 10 pigeons , Jan had Coli in the loft, And Bart was not, that was crazy holiday (in the middle of the season what a loser) his brother Kees pigeons are basketed for him, and Kees did not know how the clock worked tjonge young what a misery. Oh how it was in my mother's birthday , Did you enjoy it ??, Yes mother says the woman was really nice, Everyone there was even your brother John who had just returned from three weeks of vacation, and your sister Nel with husband Frits was also stopped , who left tonight to go with the caravan to four weeks holiday in France. (you might have been able to give pigeons to train). No treasure we go nicely off the holiday season (meant finally pigeon season) is a lot cheaper. Have you made anything?? Yes mother says the woman I told you three times already!!! Oh wherever we go again, Luxembourg ?? No we go treasure 10 days to Germany. Why 10 days? you wanted to be back in time to go to the autumn fair in Houten. Oh that I had forgotten. And then there is a moment watched the news and especially the weather forecast for A. S. Saturday. Well the weather looks grim'll be a Sunday release, Oh mom says enthusiastically than we can look tomorrow just to play football your grandson plays his first match so will your son and grandson like as Grandpa also equally is involved. Yes you say then that would be nice, but you know hey treasure of pigeons solutions can be more of nothing. So that is again waiting all weekend at the pigeons solutions?????. This is so kind of how my wife to look at the sport. And she also says regularly , how can you get more excited your son or grandchild for the sport as she and dad or grandpa never see anywhere else than with a duster and hat in the loft. The pigeon takes my wife and many of her inflexible and few family friendly. She finds it an individual sometimes selfish sport played in a club. What has changed over time ? and how little has changed the sport adapted to the standards of the current time ??. How can you fuck people excited for the sport if there is no room for leisure and family. It is known that takes any change members , but as it is it costs members and runs steadily and there is comparatively almost nothing in return. Changes also bring new insights and possibilities again. I think there is a big role to play for the NPO and of course to all pigeon fanciers, that will have to change with it to remain viable this wonderful sport and to give new impetus to adapt the sport to the standards of the times. Because really what is more beautiful than the interaction between animals and humans, what change there will be interaction between bird and man will not be changed, and provides opportunities for youths and returning to experience the sport. Would be a nice slogan “EXPERIENCE the sport ANNO the 21ST CENTURY” Yet ?????????. Now back to the pigeon, my birds mate Tonnie pigeons cared for during our vacation, Always nice when you like someone to you who cared your livestock. They are in full moult, an important period this year they have more time to moult because I will later link the breeders and racers. This is because I hope that the proposed flight program of the NPO will be enacted. It would be a step in the right direction for what to make changes. Anyway so later link that means you have more time to prepare for everything. And make any adjustments to the loft. About the changes and the like loft. I'll come back next time. Until next week, I will say, and good luck with the preparations for the new year.

The selection is about to begin, my buddy Tonnie today comes to visit me to jointly examine my pigeons. And also to make a plan for the new season. MORE LATER !!!!!

As I promised yesterday I would go back to the selection. The first question I asked myself before we went was to select, How and in what way I want to play next season, and not least how many birds I want to start. Too often it happens that pigeons remain for pedigree. In retrospect it is only hokvulling There are birds in the breeding loft with a topafstamming or who have flown well but where never a usable let alone a good pigeon is released. “Good pilots are not always good breeders” and the other is of course also true. What is it that often so difficult to select? I think the emotion plays a role in many lovers, a nice beautiful or sweet pigeon in the loft where you can hardly say goodbye to. In addition, the purchase price, Most fanciers try to get back every year there hokversterking. For one lover € 50,00 a divine power and the other is € 500,00 a scheintje. A pigeon which disproportionately money paid will remain with many lovers, simply because they find it a waste of money that they have given out. And this pigeon is a hundred times omgekoppeld to try to grow a top pigeon from topafstamming. As a result you have a few years back is that it's really not going to work with the relevant pigeon, So off investment. And then I come back to the selection, I think that also can select the best of the best lovers, it looks at the structure and appearance of the dove ,The performance also included therein course, but I think that fanciers can distinguish good from a beautiful dove, and that makes the biggest difference. Now back to selecting the private loft , We started in the late youngsters are there 6 doffers en 3 hens provisionally remain. In the early youngsters are 6 doffers en 3 hens sit. In the perennial hens are 8 sit still. In the racing cocks are 2 sit and 1 cock goes to the breeding. Then we have the (growers) of course there are preliminary 5 and the cocks 7 hens sit. I say temporarily because I want to keep all the pigeons once in the hand in view of the links that I want to make. As it leaves look I attend next year 13 vliegkoppels and 5 kweekkoppels. There will however still e.e.a. changing the arriving time, because as you know, a pigeon is never still and is always looking for “better” . at least there is hoped . Until next week again and I wish everyone good luck with the selection.

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