05 november 2017

Metoo!!!! you can open a newspaper or turn on the radio or TV or talking about metoo. sit in every talk show again people who are Meetoo. it seems like every minute, every hour and every day there definitely again be new cases. But what the heck all Meetoo, I'm or off. What I understand is Meetoo have had happen faced by many people in the theater and film world. Actors and actresses who wanted a particular role or were still in training a kind of proposals were made to increase the likelihood of their career. What I wonder is that we are talking generally about adult men, which at all costs want to make a career. I say in turn you're there yourself and with a little self-respect not let you blackmail then I think. If you sit is often rock and roll what you hear in this business, people with free minds and drink and drugs (drugs) is a welcome guest. So I can imagine that under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs things happen that sober and normal person would not easily happen. Take for two gay men coming from a party where alcohol is consumed and arrange to meet at a hotel where they have sex together. Now a few years later become the one accused by the other. If a well would apologize(which means as much as an admission of guilt) he would not report. Well have to justify the other faces the whole nation to be on(fault) to prove. I mean how hard is this matter and how easily you can hurt people and that of two sides, which will undoubtedly Utooers. But I find that when perpetrators babies and children abuse their genitals should be taken off, that stands in my goodbye in proportion with their actions. But metooers must first ask yourself what actually their share of the whole has been and whether the career urge was so great that they let them drag themselves there, then afterwards you can ask yourself if you've done it well. But has it helped your career or has harmed your career?? Mind you I am not a proponent of sexual blackmail but the hype smear or whatever you want to call it that now place you very qualified to handle. In the porn world will it be the other way I have Kim Holland or Bobbi Eden seen in any program, and I think if it touches an actor or actress and the others will not even call this Meetoo, meetoo, meeto. That is of course in a different setting and a bit cynical. What I hope is that the real schreinende cases are actually addressed ,and that there is a clear distinction can be made between metooers and utooers. That said I wanted to talk also about the duivelary. The moulting occurs at the pigeons steadily, We are already more than halfway and you can see the plumage of the birds that they are all better go look. this is the time for me to start with a homemade recipe. I pull colombine tea with mult-seed and a clove of garlic in it. This recipe I give several years and like the pigeons. I am beginning to give this tea as the pigeons are already over half of moulting. My experience is when the pigeons pins to throw them almost no old down moult. The old down-rui really starts to get going when the pigeons are half throwing the pens. So that's why I from now the pigeons 3 weeks give this tea mix. You will see that the old down-rui quickly gets going and thereby down-moult and moult is completed almost simultaneously. An important period for pigeons which they get a good moult-mix with a wide variety of seeds and grains. so they again can develop a good spring package and be ready for breeding and later again for the racing season. But as every pigeon fancier will do it his own way. As my mother sometimes said “There are several roads that lead to Rome” when my father said “Cologne and Aachen are also not built in a day ” and furthermore he also said “who stirs the past often talk about dead people” I will say again the next time.

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