05 June 2017

We are still in the Whitsun weekend , Spend a few days off so some more time for the family and the doves. Last weekend had the 2nd middle distance race . The weather situation is always on the minds of the duivelary , rightly so!!!. But what is wisdom must or may be discharged if the weather is questionable, whether we have the pigeons leave overnight longer. Priority has always, the welfare of the birds and no other reasons may be entered in any capacity. That would not have wanted the creator, He even gave Noah his ship even took pigeons (7 males and 7 females). I do not know if the author knew that it would create a sport later centuries where these pigeons and pigeon man would enter into extensive cooperation. And those are rules bandied be used for personal gain. I think when the confession was invented , the Trammelant started. The confession is in fact invented for when you've done something wrong. If you confess it to a priest that you can forgive in the name of Christ the sins. How far can you go in this ???. I think common sense should prevail and that we must act in good faith. Especially considering the situation in which the sport is. There are still falling memberships despite the efforts of the NPO. They are now working hard to present a plan for the future, which have included if I well 2021 must be finalized. Let's hope that a wonderful new organization is put down, that will be bestuurdt and guided by the standards of this time. As a Pentecost also gives you a little time for reflection and contemplation. So my buddy pigeons Tonnie and I again “Chabberebonki “been , which means we've been out together. This time we had as does count inoculation against smallpox in a variety of lovers 2 associations. Tonnie and I do this for a year or 4 and it's always great fun to get to various lovers and see their young growth . In addition, of course, the conversations with what now . But otherwise it is primarily a pleasant evening at the various lovers pigeon wearing a warm heart. And if you're in different fanciers, you notice that the sport is a sport that is practiced by loners in clubs as my mother always said, “Every man for himself and God for us all” I will say the next time.

The last day of the month and May is already over , so do the sprint races a part where I play no significant role partly conscious and partly because I do not have fingers in this game. In the sprint I have to make do with the occasional outlier. last flight(in) was called everything dramatischt. It was of course very hot but everyone suffered from it was the last sprint race I had 4 pigeons the first in the club's play 10.39 my first pigeon was there 11.04 So what I said earlier, no meaningful role. I have had my hopes set on the 1st one day was gone from Gien ±(520km) The pigeons were released to 7.00 hour with good weather . I had calculated that if you are between 14.00 in 14.30 a pigeon would have would be nice note. This calculation also knocked , except me . How can you be disappointed? Well I can tell you quite disappointed. My first pigeon I clocked at 16.23 and that it was therefore. At the turn I had 1 home of the 5 I had basketed pigeons, 3 yearlings and 2 perennial cocks . The association result I was still 5th but I was not really happy . There were 4 pigeons come home, you go regularly to see if there is something inside and then it takes a long wait . I was able to properly observe the pigeons come home for sure because it was so hot. To cut a long story heeeeeeeeeeeel. If 21.55 2nd pigeon was the next morning 7.00 3e 20.15 en de 4e 09.20 5th everything at home so. That was as far as these flights are the only positive “all Home”. Well I had the last flee the idea that I was doing well especially after that first victory circle . How insecure it is then again after such a dramatic flight. I opted to just continue what I was doing, and hopefully this is but one incident. Next week the 2nd middle distance race I do 4 pigeons . 1st middle distance race was a top result in the 1st circuit 14 in the region . I see nothing strange about the birds they are good at so I will hope for the best. 1st middle distance race was a success and I would like to continue this. As my mother often said “If you believe in something, you have a grip” the next week I will say.

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