05 January 2018

The first piece of writing in the New Year, a new year where everybody with the best intentions to start going. Especially smoking cessation, to lose weight, drink less exercise more. In short, everything for a better health and a longer life. Everywhere you bombarded (perhaps not a good choice of words in this) with little slimming, pills , powders devices that can give an appearance Arnold Schwarzenegger in a jiffy. Also remedies to get rid of smoking found in the beginning of the year snapped, chewing gums, band aids, Acupuncture and other such remedies fly like hot cakes. In 9 of the 10 cases it is an additional problem of quitting smoking, you pull more so will also eat more and that has the effect that recover a few pounds. But we say we have stopped smoking (while it lasts) so those pounds we take for granted. An additional problem of a few pounds there is that the clothes are tighter down and you gradually come to walk with a Michelin Pop. So there must purchase a whole new wardrobe to feel comfortable in what you large leaf. After some birthdays and parties beyond where no one asks if you stop smoking!!!. but where only said gosh you look healthy, if you have a good boarding house, of (and that's the kiss of death) You're also not become leaner. question of misery you or someone you may one puff of the cigarette (because you're now already assured 2 months ) So you need not worry that you're hooked again immediately (make yourself wise) but this single puff is 7 of the 10 fatal cases. That one puff be there 2 What then follows 1 cigarette can best(no that is not possible) and then, I only smoke at parties!!! The following is I only smoke on weekends, then get there doordeweek only sorting smoked at home and after a while we were smoking more as we stopped smoking. Well and it denotes only the weight that still sit. Thus, according to the example of a TV advertising bought a device to your home quite debilitating, in addition to these training sessions are also some slimming tablets ordered online (called fat burners). Na 2 weeks fatburners (sounds better) and train you say and write 1 kilos of 10 who had come there dropped. Then you have to stand strong in the shoes to keep this up. On balance you quit smoking cost a few thousand euros, resulting in a wardrobe full of new clothes, a medicine cabinet filled with anti-smoke and weight loss products, the freezer full of delicious food and a few exercise machines. In five out of ten cases, smoking cessation success will be what is obviously a very nice score for the other five will be back next year a new year with new possibilities and opportunities. Well then the duivelary, I had planned to link growers mid-January, but because it's beautiful do I have the pigeons again was early January 02 January coupled. I still have no real clarity about selling our house a few youngsters wanted to grow their own Vandar so anyway linked. The link goes pretty well everyone has found his place in the loft. Today I put nesting material in the loft and some couples began dragging all caution. We'll see where it will fail and I hope can still left with some pretty boy. As my mother sometimes said “afterwards you can have good intentions” I will say again the next time.


Kind regards

Peter van Fulp


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