04 december 2016

We are in December, the festive month par excellence. we celebrate 5 of December first the Sinterklaas (with or without black helpers discussion). Then we are going to slowly prepare for the Christmas party. The party where everything is excessive, take the food to the gifts leisure time with family , family and friends. It's time for a drink and bite again by taking the past year and look back what has been. During this time I think too often and to go back to earlier times, how at our house went over it with Santa Claus and Christmas. Sinterklaas was mainly the fear (the roe bag and taken to Spain) and the thrill of the unexpected and the presents, and then the relief and joy. I can still remember that this lasted until I years 9 was, the fun was for myself and also for my parents. You still got presents, but the tension was off. So it was Christmas when I was a young little man par excellence the party of boredom. We had to go to the midnight mass, usually worst complication cold in the church and all those gloomy lyrics and songs were sung. I always had the idea that it might be fun especially. If the church service was over everyone reluctantly walked down the long corridor outside church and wished each other a Merry Christmas. Then we got into the car and drove home to celebrate Christmas Eve. My mother usually had a delicious soup. (the homemade oxtail soup with a dash of Madeira it's me the most stuck which was delicious) Then we got a patty made of veal tongue ragout. I had seen that tongue in a pan of water to be boiled, at that time I had no idea it could be so tasty. Then dessert came out of a packet of Saroma called that stuff , a pudding powder whipped in milk and then put in the refrigerator so that it could stiffen. it was finally served in a pretty glass dish with a cherry and whipped cream. That was the Christmas Eve on the tedious first and Boxing Day , 2 days of boredom , hang and fall into the sofa or chair, lots of food and drink and can take anything because it was Christmas and then, as nothing could. Now that I think about afterwards are the beautiful memories that I think back sometimes with nostalgia. I see my parents in their younger years so for me, and now they both are not more I will still sometimes especially at this time overcome with little emotion. Now I enjoy the Christmas and Christmas just like my parents when years ago when I was still living at home. I look forward to Santa Claus to give our daughters and their friends a little something, to gourmet then enjoy with our family. And so it is with the Christmas . Even going to the evening mass in the church we still do, partly because my wife is in a chorus that should always listen to a church service on Christmas. And after the service, you guessed it, the table is set and we eat oxtail soup (not as good as my mother) luxury kalfsragout (at least that is on the potty) But the atmosphere now find the same as when our daughters and as corny as I also found that when. But I'm still every year eagerly looking forward to celebrating Christmas with our family. During all these pleasures, the devilment of course just by, only for next season good advice I am myself still not know how to deal with it. As I wrote before we try to sell our house, and depending on requirements and how fast it will go, I can only make a good plan. I have no idea when I'll link. Especially because it may just be that you need to stop halfway through the season, because you can sell house (and I will not get also home to another when I say that I first want to finish the season pigeons) rightly so!!!.. I find it difficult right now to breed pigeons as I'm not sure whether I can go fly. Wan when I go somewhere else to live it all stuck floats, and I do not choose. It remains a dilemma, because at the time of move you can simply start again, your current racing team I will have to get used to with all the problems that, so I do not choose. The only option is to look just this year and grow no or little boy . For me it's heart , but it is no different and more I see it also as an opportunity and challenge to reassemble at a new site to start all over again with fresh ideas. So as Johan Cruyff always said every disadvantage has its advantage and as my mother always said, and I've yet still more confident “You better drop the pants, the courage” and so it is of course also. Until next week I will again say.

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